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Electrolube Non-VOC Conformal Coating 'range extension' to be launched at Productronica

Published on 2009-11-12. Author : SpecialChem

The introduction of Electrolube's NVOC conformal coating has generated widespread interest leading to repeated demands for the product in numerous different formats.

NVOC is a flexible, moisture cure, conformal coating based on polyurethane technology for the protection of electronic circuitry. Productronica this year will see the launch of three additional products to this range that have been designed for a wide range of application requirements, including aerosol, manual and selective spray as well as brush and dip applications.

NVOC conformal coating has been designed to meet the high performance of solvent-based coatings without the use of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and with minimal changes to processing parameters. NVOC conformal coating has been tested to many important standards recognised in the electronics industry, proving that NVOC is a viable and unique alternative to many standard solvent based conformal coatings.

The drive to reduce VOC emissions is paramount in today's society and with EU regulations tightening companies are becoming increasingly more aware of the effects and costs associated with high VOC containing products. solvent-based conformal coatings have been the industry norm for many years now but are all, unfortunately, VOC emitters. Electrolube's NVOC coatings range is what the market has been waiting for.

NVOC offers many environmental and user benefits, such as greater coverage, less waste, no solvent emissions upon cure and no expensive curing equipment is required. The high viscosity version has been developed for applications where a thicker coating or manual application is required. These include, brush, dip and high viscosity selective spray applications. Both the standard NVOC and the high viscosity version are suitable for atomising and swirl selective coat applications.

The gel version is a single part, thixotropic material designed for glob-top applications where the coating should not flow once applied. The thixotropic gel cures at room or elevated temperatures upon exposure to atmospheric moisture and incorporates a UV trace to aid inspection. It is ideally suited for applications where components are difficult to coat due to size, shape and position. Applied through a syringe or needle applicator, it offers all of the benefits of the standard NVOC material, including excellent adhesion, chemical resistance and electrical properties, in a gel form.

The 200ml aerosol version utilises the standard NVOC coating to provide an easy solution to manual application. This addition makes the NVOC range the most versatile solvent-based alternative available on the conformal coating market today.

The complete range has been designed to reduce the impact of conformal coating applications on the environment as well as reducing the risk to the end user. They have excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates and offer excellent resistance to mould growth. The cured coatings can be removed easily with Electrolube Remover Gel (DRG). All contain a UV trace to aid inspection.

Source: Electrolube

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