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Electrolube Launches Two-part Conformal Coating Series

Published on 2016-03-31. Author : SpecialChem

Electrolube, one of the global manufacturers of electro-chemicals, has launched a pioneering new solvent-free conformal coatings range, which has been carefully formulated to combine the best properties of resins with the application ease of a conformal coating. The innovative two-part conformal coating series, called ‘2K’, comprises three products – 2K100, 2K300 and 2K500 - each meeting a host of specifications and all fully IPC-CC-830, RoSH-2 and REACH compliant.

Fig. 1: Electrolube Launches Two-part Conformal Coating Series

The general purpose 2K100 system is a soft, highly flexible, hydrophobic coating with an operating temperature range of -40 - +100°C. 2K100 provides low stress on components and demonstrates excellent resistance to salt mist, chemicals and condensation, making it an excellent choice for automotive applications.

2K300 is a highly elastic, solvent-free two-part polyurethane coating, which provides excellent coverage even in tight spaces, while its extreme flexibility offers exceptional protection even around delicate components. The 2K300 is also hydrophobic and highly resistant to condensation, salt mist and chemicals, but offers a greater thermal performance (-40 - +130°C) than the 2K100.

For tougher applications the new 2K500 two-part system is more abrasion resistant than the 2K100 or 2K300 and has a wider operating temperature range, providing protection for electronics exposed to temperature over a long period of time, as well as providing excellent thermal shock resistance. 2K500 is not only mechanically robust but also offers increased thermal endurance (-40 - +140°C) and ensures good adhesion to any substrate. The 2K500 system additionally maintains clarity even after prolonged exposure to UV light.

Electrolube Managing Director, Ron Jakeman, comments, “Our new 2K coatings range is the result of significant financial and R&D investment. We are delighted with the response we’ve received from customers so far and feel we have provided a highly effective new solution for a variety of manufacturing sectors that saves time and cost by enabling the exceptional performance and protection of a resin with the straightforward application of a conformal coating. “

About Electrolube

Electrolube, a division of H.K. Wentworth Limited, is one of the leading manufacturers of specialist chemicals for electronics, automotive and industrial manufacturing. Core product groups include conformal coatings, contact lubricants, thermal management materials, cleaning solutions, encapsulation resins and maintenance and service aids.

The extensive range of electro-chemicals at Electrolube enables the company to offer a ‘complete solution’ to manufacturers of electronic, industrial and domestic devices, at all levels of the production process. Through collaboration and research, the company is continually developing new and environmentally friendly products for customers around the world and their commitment to developing ‘greener’ products has been endorsed by the ISO 14001 standard for the highly efficient Environmental Management System in place at the company.

Electrolube is represented in over 55 countries with an established network of subsidiaries and distributors. By offering genuine security of scale and a reliable supply chain, the company is able to deliver a truly tailored service.

Source: Electrolube

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