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Chimet Unveils Electrically Conductive Inks for Low Temperature Processes

Published on 2017-01-16. Author : SpecialChem

Chimet SpA has developed 2 new electrically conductive inks for low temperature processes called Ag515EI and Ag900EI. Mass production was started in 2016 and the 2 new products have positive feedbacks from customers involved in conservative field as electronics or semiconductors.

Inks for Electronics or Semiconductors


High Conductivity Inks

Ag515EI is a thermoplastic silver filled screen printable ink.

It is used for:

  • Membrane touch switches
  • Full travel keyboards
  • Heating elements
  • Printed antennas 
  • Shielding against electromagnetic interference

It combines a high conductivity with superior mechanical and durability properties.

Ag900EI is a thermosetting silver filled screen printable ink for rigid substrates, but it is not limited to, glass and metals.

It offers:

  • Extremely high temperature resistance 
  • Abrasion resistance 
  • Excellent adhesion

It can be used as bus bar on ITO or other sensitive substrates. It can be used as shielding against electromagnetic interference in military applications.

Both inks can be diluted with Chimet’s thinners for spray gun dispensing.

Chimet SpA is creating a new brand in the thick film technology applied to growing fields as flexible electronics and temperature sensitive devices.

Chimet SpA wants to support the smart electronics and the R&D team is working on new products to match requirements of growing business ad stretchable inks and molding inks.

About Chimet SpA

Chimet’s philosophy is aimed at optimizing production processes, obtaining the highest level of yield in terms of quality and quantity, while ensuring the safeguarding of the environment.

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Source: Chimet
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