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BASF at ECS 2017: to Unveil Acrylic Dispersion, Kaolin-Based Products and more

Published on 2016-12-02. Author : SpecialChem

At the European Coatings Show 2017 (ECS), which is going to take place in Nuremberg from April 4 to 6, BASF experts and specialists from BTC, the distribution organization of BASF, will present new raw materials for the coatings, paint and construction industries at booth 523 in hall 7A. The broad range of products offered by BASF includes dispersions, resins, formulation additives, light stabilizers, antioxidants, pigments, hardeners, cross-linking agents, reactive diluents and solvents.

BASF to Offer Broad Range of Products at ECS

P386 Starvis 3070 F
Self-leveling underlayment stabilized
with Starvis® 3070 F

Water-based Acrylic Dispersion

The new water-based Acronal® PRO 7600 acrylic dispersion provides light to medium corrosion protection (categories C2 to C3) for industrial metal coatings. The binder offers an environmentally compatible drop-in solution that does not contain APEO and replaces Acronal® PRO 760, the current market standard. Acronal PRO 7600 can be used for all current applications such as airless, brush, roll or dip.

Excellent Rheology and Stabilization of Flowable Mortars

Self-flowing mortars help to save time and money at building sites. The powdery Melflux® superplasticizers and stabilizers from the Starvis® range of BASF that are used for floor screeds and self-leveling underlayments exhibit very good flow behavior and perfectly stabilize mineral particles. Starvis prevents unwanted effects such as sedimentation or bleeding. Starvis-based mortar products are particularly robust when it comes to water and raw material fluctuations: They greatly improve the quality of floor constructions and help to avoid complaints at construction sites. Since Starvis products can be combined with Melflux superplasticizers, they enable a rheology profile that is individually geared towards customer requirements.

Eco-Friendly Dispersion for Interior Paints

With the Acronal® 6292 dispersion, paint manufacturers are enabled to produce sophisticated interior paints with highest wet scrub resistance at competitive prices. The water-based styrene-acrylate binder is a high-quality alternative to the conventional technologies and facilitates the formulation of environmentally compatible interior paints: Acronal 6292 is a low-odor product that neither contains ammonia nor coalescents.

Highly-efficient Defoamer for Water-based Systems

Foam formation is a common problem occurring during production and processing of paints and coatings. To avoid such problems, BASF has added a new defoamer to its range of formulation additives that is based on organo-modified polysiloxanes – the FoamStar® SI 2240. Apart from its strong defoaming effect, FoamStar SI 2240 shows broad compatibility with different binder systems and excellent long-term stability and efficiency. FoamStar SI 2240 is registered worldwide and can, among other applications, be used in water-based architectural coatings, industrial coatings and paints as well as in pigment concentrates. In addition, FoamStar SI 2240 complies with specific FDA and EU requirements for food contact and is therefore suited for printing and packaging applications.

New Kaolin-based Product for Architectural Paints

With the launch of kaolin-based Mattex® PRO, BASF continues to develop new technology with focus on sustainability. Mattex PRO enables paint formulators to eliminate flatting agents and crystalline silica containing minerals while simultaneously providing simpler formulations and the same high-performance results with less TiO2.

We look forward to using the ECS trade fair to present various innovative solutions aimed at current market challenges that will enable our customers to improve their competitiveness,“ says Christoph Hansen, head of the Dispersions & Resins Europe business unit. BASF offers the broadest global range of raw materials for the formulation of coatings and paints in the field of architectural coatings, construction, automotive, industrial coatings, furniture and flooring as well as raw materials for powder coating resins.

About BASF

BASF creates chemistry for a sustainable future. It combines economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. The approximately 112,000 employees in the BASF Group work on contributing to the success of our customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world. Its portfolio is organized into five segments: Chemicals, Performance Products, Functional Materials & Solutions, Agricultural Solutions and Oil & Gas. BASF generated sales of more than €70 billion in 2015.

About BTC

BTC Europe GmbH is BASF’s European sales company for specialty chemicals. It combines a profound knowledge of the industry with a close proximity to its customers. With its eleven regional offices in Europe, BTC supplies small and medium-sized customers from a wide variety of industries with about 6,000 products. BTC is headquartered in Monheim am Rhein, Germany.

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Source: BASF
1 Comments on "BASF at ECS 2017: to Unveil Acrylic Dispersion, Kaolin-Based Products and more"
Bharat D Sep 1, 2017
I think company like BASF should give raw materials so that formulators like us can benefit in this competitive world. e.g. 1)SUPERHYDROPHOBIC additive which will last beading effect for at least 3 years on exterior walls. 2)Antigraffitti additive (of permanent nature) which will allow MARKER stains to be removed even after it dries just by wiping. 3)Additive for ANTI STICK coating which will work even at 100' C on stainless steel substrate against tacky materials . 4)ADDITIVE for making FIREPROOF wood for 2 hours rating. 5)Waterborne Acrylics to compete PUD in terms of Water absorption of clear film immersion for 24 hours. 6)Acrylics to be compatible wit GYPSUM which will make coating WATERPROOF when applied on concrete walls. 7)Waterborne Direct to Metals type raw materials to compete solventbornes in coastal area. Thanks and regards Bharat H. Dadia, Director. 09819491313, dadiabharath@gmail.com

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