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Siegwerk Unveils EB Curing Ink Range for Offset Printing

Published on 2016-12-26. Author : SpecialChem

SIEGBURG -- Siegwerk, one of the leading global providers of printing inks for packaging applications and labels, has announced a new ink range for offset printing, which is particularly suitable for flexible packaging. With these state-of-the-art energy curing offset ink solutions (e.g. EB 705) Siegwerk gives flexible packaging printers access to the benefits of offset printing for short print job lengths: Low cost of print form and short set-up times allowing for quicker changeovers between the print jobs.

EB Technology for Excellent Print Performance

Siegwerk Laboratory Flexible Packaging
Siegwerk Unveils Energy Curing Ink Range for Offset Printing

Short time-to-market, outstanding print quality and high fastness properties – offset printing inks already do a great job in a wide range of print applications like shrink-film, wrap-around and in mold labels. Up to now, UV curing inks are successfully used in many cases. Converters who want to avoid the use of photo initiators in energy curing inks can alternatively use electron beam (EB) curing systems to reduce the risk of potential migration problems.

Several industrial print trials on Comexi’s central impression EB offset press, called CI8, have shown, Siegwerk’s new EB technology offers an excellent print performance, low dot gain, low water dosing with less emulsification and scumming as well as fast intensity recovery after stops. The new ink technology is suitable for a variety of plastic substrates of the flexible packaging market like coex. OPP, acrylic coated PET, etc. Recently, first positive results were obtained in lamination studies with different packaging structures too.

Cost Reduction with Offset Printing

In many market segments there is a trend towards shorter print job lengths driven by brand owners desiring packaging diversification and also an optimization of working capital along the value chain. Due to this, printers have to deal with frequent changes in the printed design and a varying average job lengths. “In the past, typical print run lengths for example in beverage wrap-around labels were several tens of thousands of square meters,” explains Dr. Stefan Busse, Regional Director Application Technology, Flexible Packaging EMEA at Siegwerk. “Today, more and more jobs are printed on wide web machines with only a few thousand square meters. In order to stay cost-competitive in these markets all cost drivers have to be minimized. That’s why some of our customers are attracted by the low cost of print forms for offset printing plates.”

EB Offset Inks for Comexi’s CI8 Press

Due to the excellent print performance of the new EB ink solutions Siegwerk has recently been invited to supply EB offset inks for Comexi’s last Open House event in Girona (Spain) where the company was presenting its new CI8 press to a selected audience. “We are proud of the acknowledgement of our ink performance by Comexi,” says Dr. Busse. “During the last month our technical teams in Europe have made any effort in finding ways to help our customers accessing the benefits of offset printing in flexible packaging.

Compliant with Product Safety Standards

The new ink technology was developed in accordance with the relevant product safety standards. All ingredients are compliant with the stringent Swiss Ordinance and will also comply with the upcoming new German Ordinance. Own migration tests with trial materials exhibited low migration behavior suitable for food packaging. The new system will add to Siegwerk’s broad range of Flexible Packaging solutions – while other ink technologies including UV inks will continue to have their merits.

Siegwerk is continuously focusing on the expansion of its offering for the packaging market and to strengthen its market leadership in labels and flexible packaging applications. With a combination of best in- class ink performance, high product safety, and continuous support and guidance, Siegwerk will make any effort to support customers in addressing upcoming trends and meet their individual needs with cutting-edge solutions.

About Siegwerk

Siegwerk, a sixth-generation family-owned company, is one of the leading international manufacturers of printing inks and individual solutions for packaging, labels, and catalogs. With more than 180 years of experience, the company has solid expertise in and knowledge of many printing procedures. A global manufacturing and service network ensures customers consistently high-quality products and services. In keeping with the company’s philosophy “Ink, Heart & Soul,” Siegwerk seeks long-term cooperation with its business partners. Siegwerk employs some 5,000 people worldwide in more than 30 country organizations and is headquartered in Siegburg near Cologne.

About Comexi

Comexi has extensive experience in manufacturing equipment for the flexible packaging conversion industry. It runs five product lines, each specialized in a different conversion process: flexography printing, offset printing, rotogravure printing, laminating, slitting and logistic complements. The company has more than 36,000 sqm distributed over three production centers in Riudellots de la Selva (Girona, Spain), Brazil and Italy. Furthermore, its widespread sales network extends to more than 100 countries, providing an answer to all its client’s needs. Comexi includes the Manel Xifra Boada Technological Centre where the company provides support and transfers its knowledge to the various groups involved in the flexible printing industry process.

About Comexi Offset Technology

Awarded with the EMAS in Europe, Comexi offset printing system is a world known and recognized solution to its commitment with the environment. The Comexi CI8 press is an innovative and sustainable printing technology. This technology also has the ability to adapt the producers’ needs to the current demanding time to market, as well as production exibility. The Comexi CI8 press is more competitive, economic and offers the highest levels of quality and color adjustment.

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Source: Siegwerk
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