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Dynatek to Exhibit Second Generation Coating Durability Tester at MD&M West

Published on 2007-01-18. Author : SpecialChem

SPRINGFIELD, MO -- Dynatek, a leader in the testing of cardiac and vascular devices, has recently released the second generation Coating Durability Tester (CDT2). The CDT2 will be exhibited at the MD&M West Expo in Anaheim, California, February 13-15, 2007, Booth 2592.

Since the 2005 release of the first Coating Durability Tester, designed to evaluate the durability of coatings on drug-eluting and other coated stents, there has been high demand for Dynatek's testers and contract testing services. The second generation testers include additional capabilities to address a wider variety of devices and testing techniques. The CDT2 allows for a larger range of sample lengths and diameters, as well as for complicated sample designs (bent, bifurcated, etc.), opening the door for testing of larger peripheral vascular stents, as well as complicated coronary and peripheral stents. In addition, the new design of the CDT2 readily accommodates laser micrometer use for sample measurement, allows for vertical or horizontal testing, and provides internal loop heating for better temperature control. Deployment access ports are also available, and provide for direct stent deployment into the pre-mounted sample vessels, allowing the CDT2 to be used for both acute-phase and chronic-phase coating durability testing.

Similar to the first generation, the second generation Coating Durability Testers include user control of the testing speed, temperature, pressures, and flow rates. The CDT2 also provides radial stent loading in a dynamic, pulsatile environment and real-time laser particle counting, allowing for detection of shed particles under these biologically-relevant conditions. User-controlled alarms ensure that the proper testing conditions are maintained throughout the test. Data provided by the CDT2 can be readily evaluated against USP.

About Dynatek Laboratories:

Dynatek Laboratories is the leader in accelerated in vitro testing of cardiovascular devices, with over twenty years' experience. Having performed testing for many of the largest and smallest of companies, we are equipped to meet the testing needs of each individual client. As changes have occurred in stent materials, designs, locations of deployment, and standards for testing, and as more data has been collected concerning failure modes in vivo, Dynatek has modified its capabilities to address these changes.

Source: Dynatek Laboratories

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