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DURA Launches REACH-compliant Alternative to Conventional Cobalt Driers

Published on 2020-09-16. Author : SpecialChem

TAGS:  Environmentally Friendly Coatings    

cobaltalternatives-duraDURA Chemicals launches DriCAT CV 120 for the Paint and Coatings Industry in North America. DriCAT CV120 offers improved performance and regulatory advantages over competitive drier technology.

New Product Addresses Growing Environmental Concerns of Cobalt

Utilizing DURA’s patented activated technology, DriCAT CV120 is a 1:1 Cobalt 12% replacement in conventional oxidative cure coatings. The DriCAT CV120 addresses the growing environmental concerns of Cobalt.

The historical volatility of cobalt metal prices is unlikely to reduce in the future as more cobalt is used for batteries in electric vehicles. DriCAT CV 120 have significantly lower cobalt content then traditional cobalt based driers yet due to DURA’s patented activating technology they have the same or better catalytic performance resulting in excellent drying times and superior crosslink density.

The cost of the DriCAT CV products is lower than that of the equivalent traditional Cobalt drier and the pricing volatility is reduced due to the lower Cobalt content. DriCAT CV is reach compliant and direct w/w replacements for Duroct Cobalt 12% (CV120) and Cobalt 10% (CV100) and there is no need to change anything else in the paint formulation, including through driers.

It falls below the threshold of EU carcinogen and reprotoxic labeling requirements while providing a whiter film which yellows less when compared to conventional Cobalt driers.

In extensive side by side testing, DriCAT CV 120 has proven to be equivalent to Cobalt with significant less yellowing than Cobalt,” Juan Jarufe, global technical director at DURA Chemicals, said.

Source: DURA
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