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DSM NeoResins Introduces New Urethane Resins for Overprint Varnishes and Ink industries

Published on 2005-12-02. Author : SpecialChem

DSM NeoResins has recently introduced new urethane and urethane / acrylic resins for the global Graphic Arts markets.

NeoRez® U-321 is a high solid non reactive solvent based urethane resin for use in flexo and gravure inks for packaging. The resin improves adhesion and flexibility in flexo printing inks based on nitro-cellulose. NeoRez U-321 is used to formulate solvent based flexo and gravure inks for packaging films, especially on polyolefines and aluminium. Inks based on this resin are recommended for surface printing as well as laminating applications.

NeoRez® U-394 is a non reactive, flexible urethane resin. This resin shows excellent adhesion on polyolefins and other films and foils and heat, fat and grease resistances. Inks based on NeoRez U-394 can be used for both surface printing as well as laminating inks.

NeoRez® U-397 is a non reactive solvent based urethane resin. The resin forms a flexible film with elastomeric properties without blocking tendency. NeoRez U-397 is recommended for use in flexo and gravure lamination inks and can be used for pigment grinding in combinations with a pigment wetting additive.

NeoRez® U-399 is a high solid non reactive solvent based urethane resin. The product forms a film with elastomeric properties and is recommended in flexo and gravure printing ink formulations on a wide variety of substrates.

NeoRez® R-1010 is a waterborne aliphatic urethane dispersion offering a unique combination of "soft feel" and low gloss. This resin is highly suitable for effect coatings in luxury packaging applications. Through crosslinking good chemical resistances can be obtained.

NeoPac® E-200 is a highly reversible aliphatic urethane / acrylic dispersion for use in waterborne laminating inks. This resin provides excellent printability, good adhesion properties and high bondstrengths in a wide range of packaging film laminates.

Source: DSM Neoresins

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