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DSM Desotech's Uvention™ Group Introduces UVaCorr™ UV-curable Corrosion Resistant Coatings for Tube & Pipe

Published on 2008-04-22. Author : SpecialChem

Elgin, IL,USA -- UV-curable coatings leader DSM Desotech has introduced a new line of UV-curable corrosion resistant coatings for metal tube & pipe. Developed by Desotech's dedicated UVention™ group, the UVaCorr™ product line, which includes both clear and colored coatings, boasts several performance advantages over traditional solvent-based tube & pipe coatings, including:

  • instant cure for high-speed processing
  • 100% solid coatings for higher applied coverage and no VOCs
  • better salt spray resistance for enhanced performance
  • smaller equipment footprint with reduced energy requirements

"The tube and pipe industry is a fast-growing market for both clear and color UV coatings," says UVention Market Platform Manager Dr. Anthony Toussaint. "Not only do these coatings provide greater productivity gains for manufacturers, but they offer a greener solution for the corrosion protection of tube and pipe products."

Source: DSM Desotech

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