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Dow Launches Silicone Additive for Architectural Façade Coatings

Published on 2017-12-01. Author : SpecialChem

Dow Performance Silicones has introduced Dow Corning® 904H Coating Additive, a silicone additive for architectural façade coatings that supports enhanced aesthetics for building exteriors.

Silicone Additive for Architectural Façade Coatings

dow 940H
Dow Launches Silicone Additive for Architectural Façade Coatings
  • This new silicone additive is designed to help coatings reduce the “snail trail” effect commonly seen when surfactants and other water-soluble ingredients in coatings formulations leach to the surface
  • Dow Corning® 904H Coating Additive can also improve water resistance, repellency and beading in coatings by increasing their surface hydrophobicity

Architects, building owners and other specifiers around the world now use a wider range of paint colors. In more frequently used darker and brighter colors, typically the ‘snail trail’ effect is more visible when it occurs,” said Silicones Marketing Leader Coatings & Leather EMEAI Damian Froklage.

We recognized the need for a coating additive that could reduce surfactant leaching to resist this effect, especially for coatings applied in cold and humid weather conditions where ‘snail trails’ are encountered more frequently.

Dow Corning® 904H Coating Additive

  • This new silicone additive offers coatings formulators a simple way to minimize snail trails and improve water resistance
  • By adding Dow Corning® 904H Coating Additive to an existing formulation, formulators can enhance the performance of their architectural façade coatings with minimal impact to the remainder of the formulation
  • This additive also contributes to formulation freedom when compared to other complex and time-consuming approaches to increasing coatings’ resistance to the “snail trail” effect, including reformulation

Dow Corning® 904H Coating Additive addresses the growing importance of visually appealing, brightly colored façades by providing paint formulators with an add-in method to develop coatings that better resist ‘snail trails’ and have superior water resistance performance,” Froklage said.

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Source: Dow
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