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Dow Launches Hybrid Binder to Formulate WB Screen Printing Inks

Published on 2020-06-17. Author : SpecialChem

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BRB Unveils Epoxy Functional Silane for Coatings Dow launches a new generation hybrid binder for the formulation of waterborne screen printing inks achieving superior durability, color brightness and opacity on fabrics made of synthetic and natural fibers for the growing streetwear and sportswear markets.

DOWSIL™ Print 041 Binder

With boundaries between outdoor and fashion apparel getting vaguer, DOWSIL™ Print 041 Binder helps inks formulators and screen printing shops meet key customer demands for soft hand feel and bright colors that don’t crack, fade or run, while controlling processing costs and achieving superior durability” said Padmadas Nair, senior technical service and development leader for textiles at Dow. “As the fashion industry adopts production practices and materials with reduced environmental impacts to meet tightening regulatory requirements and sustainability commitments, Dow’s innovative printing ink technology can help leading brands to combine stylish look, easy-care, durability, profitability and sustainability.”

An innovative acrylic polyurethane hybrid material, DOWSIL™ Print 041 Textile Printing Ink Binder enables drop-in, waterborne alternative formulations to conventional textile printing inks, combining high performance, cost-effectiveness, and superior sustainability profile.

Inks formulated with DOWSIL™ Print 041 Binder combine ease of use in existing screen printing equipment, with superior adhesion and high image opacity in both synthetic fabrics and cotton. Printed textiles display excellent resistance to elongation, as well as high washing, rub, and ironing fastness compared to conventional alternatives to PVC inks.

Brand owners and regulatory bodies in Europe, North America and around the world have been progressively restricting the use of textile inks containing PVC and phthalates based on health and environmental concerns over the past several years.

Source: Dow
source IDPA for industrial coatings
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