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Dow Automotive Systems Unveils BETAPRIME UV, UV Protection Primer

Published on 2011-05-05. Author : SpecialChem

HORGEN, Switzerland -- Dow Automotive Systems, global market leader in glass bonding, is launching BETAPRIME UV, the UV protection primer that offers incomparable UV resistance.

UV stability in glass applications in vehicles is of special importance since UV degradation could lead to adhesion failure and possible glass detachment in the event of a non ceramic frit being present and affects the glass' function as structural element. In passenger cars the ceramic frit usually functions as UV protection and is supported by a primer in case of windshield bonding at OEM or are placement. In busses and trucks or even train coaches there sometimes the glasses have no ceramic frit due to aesthetic purposes therefore BETAPRIME UV will grant .a problem free glass bonding or replacement since it has a superior UV blocking characteristics.

BETAPRIME UV now is the solution. It can be utilized in traditional glass bonding or replacement business passenger vehicles, busses, trucks or trains. It is a 2-step pre-treatment system on aliphatic chemistry basis which includes the application of BETAWIPE as cleaner & activator prior to the application of the primer layer. Due to its specific chemical formulation it offers a yet unique UV stability compared with other primers available in the market. The UV resistance of standard aromatic glass primers was evaluated on basis of lap shear tests after accelerated exposures according to SAE2627 norm.

BETAPRIME UV is available from now on in 100ml bottles.

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About Dow Automotive Systems

Dow Automotive Systems is a leading provider of polyurethanes, elastomers, films, fluids, adhesives, emissions solutions and acoustic-management materials to the global transportation industry. By working collaboratively with passenger vehicle, commercial transportation and aftermarket customers, Dow Automotive Systems is developing industry-leading solutions to address a wide range of critical market needs - increasing energy efficiency, improving safety and health, reducing exhaust emissions and enhancing vehicle quality and appeal.

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