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Dow at ACS 2014: Presents New Acrylic Emulsion Technology & Acrylic Binder for Paints

Published on 2014-04-09. Author : SpecialChem

From muddy paws and sticky fingers, to dirty athletes and kitchen catastrophes, Dow created RHOPLEX™ EZ Clean 1500 Acrylic Emulsion with the messiness of everyday life in mind.

At the 2014 American Coatings Show, April 8-10 in Atlanta, Dow Coating Materials is introducing RHOPLEX EZ Clean 1500 Acrylic Emulsion technology for premium interior flat and satin wall paints, to help deliver less mess and more clean to homes everywhere. Compatible with a wide variety of paint ingredients, the 100 percent acrylic binder helps deliver the performance capabilities that busy families demand — repellency, resistance and enhanced removal capabilities versus the most common household stains. Thanks to the advanced stain-beading technology, with just an easy wipe, common hydrophobic (water repellant) and hydrophilic (water attracting) household stains can be a thing of the past. "As a mom, I know how messy the walls at home can get," said Sylvia Insogna, North American Marketing Director, Dow Coating Materials. "Kids make messes. Although they love their art projects and playing outside with the dog, the walls can really take the brunt of their creativity. Our scientists created RHOPLEX EZ Clean 1500 Acrylic Emulsion with this in mind. As consumers are purchasing and remodeling their homes, they are seeking paint solutions that are cost-effective but have added performance benefits such as stain resistance and durability to keep that freshly painted look longer."

In addition to helping deliver an easy clean-up, RHOPLEX EZ Clean Emulsion offers excellent scrub resistance and even offers repellency over porous substrates. Easy clean-up isn't the acrylic emulsion's only feature. The acrylic emulsion can be formulated into low volatile organic compound (VOC) paints. Additionally, it is made without alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO) surfactants and is formaldehyde-free.* Homeowners can rest assured knowing that paint formulations using RHOPLEX EZ Clean Emulsion not only have excellent stain resistance and removal capabilities but also won't compromise a home's air quality.

As modern consumers, we demand "more." Smart phones that do more; more episodes from hit TV shows on-demand; and now even paint that does more than just protect and beautify the walls. In response to this desire for "more," Dow has also created a new category in indoor paint that will help improve the air in our home or office while we play or work.

A coatings industry first, Dow's new FORMASHIELD™ 12 100% Acrylic Binder for indoor paint enables the paint on walls to capture free-flowing formaldehyde and lock it in over time, irreversibly removing it from the air while helping to improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of homes and commercial buildings. Dow Coating Materials scientists developed FORMASHIELD 12 Binder in response to growing concerns about IAQ and the negative health effects associated with exposure to formaldehyde. FORMASHIELD Technology reacts with formaldehyde, transforming a potentially harmful carcinogen into an inert and harmless vapor.

"Over the years the paint industry has responded to concerns surrounding indoor air quality with low-emission, low volatile organic compound (VOC) products," said Stan Cook, North America architectural binders' market manager, Dow Coating Materials. "FORMASHIELD Technology takes this science even further, not just reducing paint emissions but functionally removing other indoor pollutants, such as formaldehyde, emanating from other sources in homes and buildings. With FORMASHIELD 12 Acrylic Binder, paint manufacturers can amplify the performance and durability of their paints, while also addressing a consumer demand for products that enhance the sustainability of their living spaces."

The aqueous all-acrylic emulsion polymer is designed for use in premium interior paints and can be formulated for ultra-low VOC and emissions to meet the tightest standards.

In addition to formaldehyde abatement functionality, FORMASHIELD 12 Acrylic Binder offers good washability, excellent adhesion and low odor. Brand owners have the capability to manufacture without added solvent and can implement FORMASHIELD 12 Acrylic Binder in flat to satin sheens.

"People are expecting more from their paints than just a pretty color and stain coverage," said Cook. "Dow is attuned to these needs, and is helping paint manufacturers anticipate and meet them with formulation enhancing technologies like FORMASHIELD 12 Acrylic Binder."

To learn more about these products visit Dow booth #807 at American Coatings Show April 8-10.

* No added formaldehyde, or formaldehyde generators

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