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DISPERBYK®-2022: Isocyanate-free wetting and dispersing additive

Published on 2010-01-13. Author : SpecialChem

DISPERBYK®-2022 is recommended for usage in pigment concentrates, industrial, automotive and wood coatings.

Some applications require isocyanate- or respectively urethane-free but still high performance wetting and dispersing additives.

By using controlled polymerization technology (CPT) DISPERBYK®-2022 is able to combine both a safe and environmentally sound solution together with a versatile wetting and dispersing additive which has a broad compatibility in various solvent-borne coating systems. The additive provides excellent deflocculation and stabilization of all kinds of pigments. At the same time, a perfect adhesion "direct-to-metal" is achieved.

Source: BYK

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