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Dip-Tech Launches Innovative, Slip-Resistant Extra Durable S1 Inks for Digital Printing

Published on 2014-08-04. Author : SpecialChem

Dip-Tech, one of the world-leading providers of digital ceramic in-glass printing solutions, has announced the release of Dip-Tech Extra Durable S1 inks, answering the pressing market need for a highly durable ink that can be digitally printed on exterior glass surfaces.

Dip-Tech Extra Durable S1 inks offer unparalleled chemical and mechanical resistance. The new ink set was developed by Dip-Tech after extensive R&D and close collaboration with glass processors and architects around the world. Available in black and white, with the option of mixing to achieve gray shades, Dip-Tech Extra Durable S1 inks also offer opacity control. Compliant with architectural standards, the inks are lead- and cadmium-free and can be processed using the same standard firing and tempering procedures used across the industry.

Their enhanced environmental durability and scratch resistance, shown by tests to outstrip traditional ceramic inks, and reduced glare, make Dip-Tech Extra Durable S1 inks an unsurpassed solution for printing in situations where other inks may not provide reliable results.

The Extra Durable S1 inks can be used to reduce reflection and are ideal for printing on external surfaces such as building facades, open-air prints, balustrades and canopies. Other applications include printing on unlaminated glass with two exposed sides, such as balcony and stair railings, doors and open-air conservatories.

Recently, Insulite Glass Company, Olathe, Kansas, USA, used the Extra Durable S1 inks for vision glass panels that replaced old painted steel insulating panels. This allowed for both increased natural light inside and city views out, while maintaining the historical designation of the building. "The Extra Durable S1 inks behaved much like the traditional inks in terms of printing, and showed higher durability and Green Strength throughout the drying, handling and heat-treating processes," said Kurt Hartman, Printing Specialist at Insulite Glass Company. He added: "Dip-Tech's new inks continue to expand the possibilities of digitally printed fritted glass, allowing architects and designers the flexibility to enhance the aesthetics, durability and performance of decorative glass, on interior and exterior applications."

About Dip-Tech

Dip-Tech is one of the world's only providers of digital in-glass printing solutions that combine the durability of ceramic inks with the versatility and quality of digital printing. With its unique ceramic digital glass printing technology, Dip-Tech provides an unmatched and field-proven solution for all exterior and interior glass printing applications, spanning a full range of artistic and functional requirements.

Source: Dip-Tech

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