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DCC LANSCO Unveils Bismuth Vanadate Pigment for 20% Greater Color Strength

Published on 2019-01-21. Author : SpecialChem

DCC LANSCO has announced the launch of the world’s strongest Bismuth Vanadate available in the market, providing over 20% greater color strength compared to conventional grades.

DCC® Yellow RMXS

Yellow PigmentDCC® Yellow RMXS is a bright lemon shade yellow pigment that was designed to have the highest color strength of any Bismuth Vanadate pigment in the market with:

  • Outstanding hiding power
  • Exceptional durability and superior dispersibility 

It can be incorporated into a multitude of coatings systems. Because of these key features, this pigment offers maximum value in use requiring less pigment in formulations creating significant cost savings for customers and providing a lower impact on the environment.

DCC LANSCO is constantly striving to improve pigment technologies to satisfy customers’ needs.

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