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Daubert Chemicals Develops Tectyl® 3335 for E-coating at Sub-zero Temperatures

Published on 2012-06-20. Author : SpecialChem

A national manufacturer of transportation industry service bodies had been experiencing excessive undercoating failures. When this happens, the product must not only be reapplied, but the old undercoating has to be removed and the metal restored to a level that will accept the new undercoating - with resultant costs exceedingly high. The company looked to Daubert for a solution.

The company used an electrocoating primer process (e-coat) to give its products maximum rust resistance. To protect the underside of the body from chipping and abrasion, an undercoating was applied. Trouble was, the company was experiencing rapid growth and needed to store its coated products outside almost immediately after the undercoating stage. Being outside (sometimes in sub-zero temperatures) the product was less accepting of the undercoating used following the e-coat. This resulted in severe undercoating adhesion failures.

Daubert took the challenge of developing a product that would meet the company's most strict requirements. First, it had to be able to be applied with little cool down to the bodies after the e-coating bake stage; second, it needed to be zero-VOC; and third, it had to be able to fully cure in extreme temperatures (sub-zero). Not to mention, it naturally had to have superior performance.

The resulting product (Tectyl® 3335) met these requirements and then some. In fact, Daubert chemists not only developed the custom coating, but a delivery system as well as a product monitoring process that could be used by the company's engineering group to ensure quality was maintained over time.

That was three years ago. During this time, there have been no coating failures and no refurbishing as a result. In fact, the company now offers one of the longest warranties in the business.

This case demonstrates that with Daubert Chemical Company, customers have a committed supplier that will look for innovative ways to formulate custom coatings, as well as help them in their application and ongoing usage and quality control.

About Daubert Chemical Company

Daubert Chemical Company has held a leadership role in providing Specialty Coatings and Adhesives, since 1935. Serving the steel, automotive transportation and general manufacturing industries, Daubert has focused on corrosion prevention coatings, industrial anti-skid coatings, sound deadening coatings, specialty adhesives, as well as concentrate formulations to service the aerosol packaging industry.

Source: Daubert Chemical Company

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