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Crown Trade Unveils a Range of Acrylic Coatings & Paints Formulated for Building Interiors

Published on 2012-07-09. Author : SpecialChem

Crown Trade has developed a range of coatings specially formulated for use in new build properties, delivering the best paint for the job in these environments.

Utilizing high performance formulations, the products are designed to support the work of both tradesmen and developers, and cope with the associated challenges on site.

Here Debbie Orr, Crown Trade Senior Brand Manager, explains the main attributes of the leading products for new build interiors from the portfolio - New Build Acrylic Gloss, Acrylic Satin Finish, Covermatt Drywall Primer and Covermatt Obliterating Emulsion.

Crown Trade New Build Acrylic Gloss and Acrylic Satin Finish

The very latest new coating system targeted at this sector is Crown Trade New Build Acrylic Gloss and New Build Acrylic Primer Undercoat, introduced in direct response to concerns voiced in the new build market about accelerated 'yellowing' problems associated with '2010 VOC compliant' alkyd based gloss systems on the market.

Alkyd based gloss is popular because of its very high gloss finish and ease of application. The technology does however have a downside. In order to facilitate proper drying, chemicals have to be added to the formulation. The curing process continues after the paint film is dry and as part of that process, over time, all alkyd paints 'yellow'. In order to reduce solvent levels sufficiently to comply with recent VOC legislation, higher solids resins (typically yellow colored constituents such as linseed, soya and tall oil) have been used which can result in accelerated yellowing in some circumstances as they cure. In a nutshell, the '2010 compliant' glosses produced by all paint manufacturers using alkyd technology may 'yellow' more quickly than their previous formulations in certain environments.

Why has this been a particular issue for the new build sector? Because yellowing can be accelerated by factors such as a lack of natural light - a feature of many new build developments, particularly apartments - application to some of the substrates commonly used in new build such as MDF, and exposure to the fumes given off by certain adhesives and building compounds.

Crown Trade's New Build Acrylic Gloss system is a high performance alternative to alkyd based gloss, which eliminates yellowing completely and offers additional benefits for contractors and housing developers alike.

The combination of New Build Acrylic Primer Undercoat followed by two coats of New Build Acrylic Gloss delivers an exceptionally durable high gloss finish that retains its sheen level for years. It also offers a closer match to the acrylic pre-finished materials used on many developments.

Another choice is Crown Trade Acrylic Satin, launched as an alternative to New Build Acrylic Gloss, for customers who prefer a satin finish. This finish offers a close match to many pre-finished doors used in new build environments Crown Trade New Build Acrylic Gloss and Acrylic Satin Finish both have less odor than traditional gloss and there's a much lower risk of sagging. They are quick drying, so a three-coat system can be completed rapidly, and all equipment can be cleaned up in water. Both systems can be used throughout a property, indoors and out and can be applied at temperatures as low as 5°C.

Crown Trade Covermatt Drywall Primer

This versatile ready to use primer has been specially developed to give contractors working on new build sites 'more control over the wall'. Formulated for use on all bare dry-lined walls and ceilings it provides the perfect base for first decoration products such as Crown Trade Covermatt Obliterating Emulsion.

Drywall panels are notoriously thirsty and will absorb coat after coat of emulsion if not correctly primed. When tradesmen are able to prepare new drywalls in addition to applying the first decoration, Crown Trade Covermatt Drywall Primer puts them in total control of the final finish.

Applying just a single coat of to walls and ceilings by brush, good quality medium pile roller or spray will even out all the differences in texture and absorbency and make it much easier to achieve uniformity across the panels and joints. The primed surfaces can then be given their first decorative coat in just four hours.

Crown Trade Covermatt Obliterating Emulsion

A high opacity, dead flat matt coating - and an ideal first decoration product to use with Crown Trade Covermatt Drywall Primer - this emulsion paint can be used all the way through a newly built property, applied by roller, brush or spray.

Due to the fact it is moisture vapor permeable it can even be applied to new substrates, which have not completely dried out. They can be left to dry naturally without fear of the finish cracking or peeling.

Finally, construction, property and decorating professionals can enhance their specification of products with a powerful new online resource launched by Crown Paints, PaintSpec Finder™.

About Crown Trade

Crown Paints is the UK's largest independent paint manufacturer, with a history which goes back as far as 1777. Meeting customer needs means more than getting the right color; they design and test their products to provide the highest coverage performance with the greatest longevity on the surface; they devise schedules that minimize costs and maintenance; they develop paint systems that offer flame retardant, moisture resistant or hygiene properties; they offer services that enable professionals and specifiers to get the most out of their products and with the industry-leading SCAN code helping to ensure precise color matching and specify DDA complaint color schemes more easily.

Source: Crown Trade

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