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Croda Develops Amine Functional Hardener 'Priamine-1071' Curing Agent for Marine & Protective Coatings

Published on 2011-08-09. Author : SpecialChem

Priamine 1071 dimer diamine curing agent for marine & protective coatings

Croda has developed a new type of amine functional hardener, based on its own biobased dimer fatty acid technology. Dimer diamines of the Priamine range are hydrophobic and apolar, giving excellent barrier properties to the coating and yet provide excellent flexibility and impact resistance. Another big advantage of Priamine hardener is its low viscosity allowing for high solids and even solvent-free formulations.

Epoxy coatings need (amine) hardeners to crosslink and retrieve their excellent chemical and weathering resistance. Conventional amine hardeners in many cases cause formulation or film properties issues: low molecular weight amines are low viscous yet volatile, while high molecular weight amines/amides are often highly viscous. For good chemical resistance, films need to be cured with a high crosslink density but they tend to become brittle.

Epoxy based coatings are a widespread technology being used for demanding applications with a long lasting lifetime requirement such as:

  • wind turbine blades
  • storage tanks and
  • marine and off shore applications
  • This new technology will allow formulators a high degree in formulation flexibility as it can be used on its own or as a co-hardener, and will bring true sustainable coatings a big step closer.

    About Croda

    Croda Coatings & Polymers provides environmental friendly solutions to the resin manufacturers, formulators and additive producers through its wide range of natural, high performance oleochemicals and speciality surfactants. Croda is an innovative partner offering its customers the highest level of technical service, applications know-how and a variety of technologies such as Building blocks, Emulsifiers, Dispersants, Polymeric surfactants, Plasticizers, Chain extenders / crosslinkers, Solvents, Processing aids.

    Source: Croda International

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