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Creative Material Technologies Introduces Pure Polyurea Floor Kit For RV and Hauler Industries

Published on 2007-08-31. Author : SpecialChem

Palmer, MA -- LinerSolution™, a brand of Creative Material Technologies, Ltd., (CMT) has announced the recent product release of its UV stable, 100% aliphatic, LinerSolution™ RV Floor Coating Systems, for wood RV and trailer floors.

Unlike other dealer or do-it-yourself kits on the market today, all LinerSolution™ kits have zero MDI, no solvents, zero VOC's, no fillers and are totally UV stable. In addition, the LinerSolution™ coating is a functional coating with excellent physical properties unlike the UV topcoats used in the industry today. It's guaranteed not to chalk out, discolor or fade under normal operating conditions. LinerSolution™ is compatible and will adhere to all wood floors.

The kits are available in several sizes. The Small Floor Kit-good for 80 square feet-and retails for $229. The kit includes ½ gallon of brush on primer, 1 gallon of roll/brush on pure Polyurea material, six 9" rollers, three 3" rollers, and floor flair, which are accent and texture broadcast materials to "dress up" the floor or provide slip resistance.

The Medium Floor Kit size will handle 160 square feet and retails for $429. It includes 1-gallon brush on primer, 2 gallons of roll/brush on pure Polyurea material, twelve 9" rollers, six 3" rollers, and floor flair. The Dealer Floor Kit will handle 10 jobs of 80 square feet, or 800 square feet. This kit retails for $1,979 and includes 5 gallons brush on primer, 10 gallons of roll/brush on pure Polyurea material, twenty-four 9" rollers, forty-eight 3" rollers, and floor flair.

"Your imagination is the only thing stopping you from having a floor like no one else", said John Becker, president of CMT. After the primer, a colored base coat goes down giving you the background color. Into that base coat you may apply any combination of the three different colors of decorative accent chips that enhance the floor to an almost 3-D effect. These are all included in the kit. Then you will add a texture media to the degree of traction and slip resistance. The clear topcoat, while adding clarity, is a truly functional coating impervious to water, oil, dents or chips. There are no seams or joints and the end result is the look and performance of a very high-end floor for a fraction of the cost. This is a great turn-key opportunity for the do-it-yourselfer, mobile technician and RV dealers.

LinerSolution™ is another health conscious family of products from CMT, the same company that introduced CrystaLiner™, the "Original Clear Bed Liner.™ CrystaLiner™ Clear is 100% aliphatic and 100% solids, with no solvents or VOC's. It contains zero MDI in its formulation. CMT offers a wide variety of spray on coating and foam systems requiring no spray booth, and innovative low cost spray equipment through Voyager Spray Systems for installing spray on bed liners.

With a multitude of coating formulations designed specifically to address the unique requirements of different applications including foam, wood, marine and fiberglass, CMT is able to assist customers in solving real world problems with high-performance product solutions for the homeowner, professional installer, and OEM customer.

Source: Creative Material Technologies

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