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Cornelius Present Engelhard’s latest addition to the Firemist® Range

Published on 2005-03-22. Author : SpecialChem

Cornelius, UK distributors of Engelhard's effect pigment products is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Firemist® pigment range, Firemist® Turquoise.

Engelhard's Firemist® range has recently been expanded with the introduction of Firemist® Turquoise, a special effect pigment that provides high reflectivity, shimmer and transparency to create strong visual impact and advanced optical effects in plastic, coating and ink printing applications.

Firemist®, a range of patented borosilicate-based pigments from Engelhard, a leading surface and materials science company, brings products to life with brilliant colour and glittering effects. These advanced pigments, which create an exceptionally high visual impact, are specially formulated to out-perform traditional pearlescent pigments in chroma, colour purity, brightness, transparency and reflectivity.

Joining Engelhard's existing line of Firemist® special effect pigments, which includes gold, red, violet, blue and green interference colours, as well as a white pearl, Firemist® Turquoise is ideal for a wide array of end-use applications including cosmetic and personal care packaging, sporting goods, household appliances and electronic components. Approved for food contact, they can also be used in food packaging applications.

Engelhard's Firemist® Turquoise special effect pigment utilises thin borosilicate flakes, smooth surface and large particle-size distribution to achieve exceptional special effects. When blended together, Firemist® pigments also create true multicolour effects, as the exceptional transparency and chroma overcome the addition effects that grey out normal pearls, and allow individual colours to come through. The use of borosilicate flakes also enable Firemist® special effect pigments to enhance the feeling of depth in coatings and plastic applications beyond that possible with mica-based pearls.

Firemist® Turquoise special effect pigment's features include negligible flow lines, enabling design freedom from typical flow line constraints in plastics and offer brilliant star-like sparkle to promote shelf appeal with eye catching effects in blue, teal and green.

Stephane Rochard, Global Marketing Manager for Engelhard's special effect pigments in the automotive and industrial markets, comments, "The dramatic sparkle and depth of the Firemist® Turquoise pigment, combined with its rich aquatic colouring captures attention in a wide variety of end-use applications, particularly when nature-based colours are desired."

Firemist® Turquoise special effect pigment can be used in most resin systems and is easily dispersed within both liquid and powder coatings.

Cornelius is a broad based, full-service organisation, providing technical materials and chemicals to industry. Cornelius represents a number of well respected manufacturers of raw materials for the personnel care, health and nutrition, household product, pharmaceutical and animal health sectors.

Cornelius is about innovation, value and service: an old company with young ideas.

Source: Cornelius

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