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Cornelius Introduces RHEOLATE® 299 Polyether PUR Thickener for Clear Coating Systems

Published on 2011-09-19. Author : SpecialChem

RHEOLATE® 299 is a highly efficient and strongly shearing thinning associative thickener. It is possibly the fastest shear thinning rheology modifier of its type on the market. Is is a polyether polyurethane thickener for aqueous industrial and decorative, pigmented and clear coating systems. RHEOLATE® 299 is a highly efficient, 25% active, polyether polyurethane associative viscosity builder for the low- to mid-shear rate range. It provides strongly shear-thinning flow behaviour which makes it ideal for spray applications including sprayed latex emulsions, dispersions, water reducible clear-coats and high gloss pigmented systems.

Thickening mechanism is pH independent

  • APE- and organotin-free
  • Highly efficient
  • Imparts strongly shear thinning flow behaviour
  • Excellent sag resistance and anti-settling behaviour
  • Good flow and leveling
  • Limited influence on water sensitivity and corrosion resistance
  • Excellent optical properties in the final coating system
  • RHEOLATE® 299 is a pourable liquid and can be incorporated at any point in the formulation of most systems. Liquid associative thickeners are usually post-added for convenience.

    RHEOLATE® 299 is a highly efficient thickener and it is recommended to add the product slowly to the formulation and to allow adequate mixing time.

    The typical level of use of RHEOLATE® 299 is between 0.1 and 1.5% (as delivered) by weight of the total formulation.

    RHEOLATE® 299 efficiently provides strongly shear thinning flow behaviour to both pigmented and clear waterborne coating systems. This results in excellent application properties, sag resistance and storage stability. The associative thickener has limited influence on the water sensitivity and corrosion resistance of a coating. RHEOLATE® 299 is the product of choice for applications like

  • Industrial wood and wood joinery
  • Industrial metal coatings
  • About Cornelius Group

    Cornelius Group is one of the leading distributors of specialty chemicals in the UK and Ireland, and a vibrant and energetic business that has identified how using its own Research and Development facility alongside highly skilled technical staff has added value to their suppliers and customers alike. They operate across important market sectors affecting consumer issues such as health, personal care, food, cosmetics etc; and also industrial markets such as surface coatings, plastics, rubber, composites and many more.

    Source: Cornelius Group

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