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COIM Unveils DIEXTER E, a Range of Bio-based Polyester Polyols for PU Market

Published on 2014-02-19. Author : SpecialChem

MILAN -- In accordance with its corporate sustainability code, COIM, global polyurethane chemicals manufacturer, announced the launch of a new series of polyester polyols based on renewable raw materials marketed under the DIEXTER E brand.

The DIEXTER E series is the result of extensive research and application work carried by the COIM Group R&D center located in Offanengo (Italy).

The unmatched combination of high content of raw materials derived from renewable sources and the optimal physical-mechanical properties conferred to the end products make these polyesters the best-in-class option for the polyurethane market. DIEXTER E can be processed in standard equipments (i.e. without additional investments for final producers) as intermediates for the production of both PU C.A.S.E. and PU Foams (microcellular, flexible and rigid foams), providing the final product with a high degree of innovation and an Eco-Friendly Footprint.

The polyesters belonging to this family are available in a wide range of different properties and characteristics, and all of them are distinguished by the high content of raw materials derived from renewable sources, which in most of the cases can reach 100%.

"Everyone is aware of the increasing need to preserve fossil oil reserves and reduce waste generation and CO2 emissions. By the launch of the DIEXTER E polyester polyol series, COIM wants to give its contribution to the reduction of the carbon footprint" said Lucio Siano, Chief Executive Officer. " Similar initiatives are going to be implemented for other business lines in the near future" he concluded.

About COIM

COIM specializes in polycondensation products (esters), polyaddition (polyurethanes) and several other chemical specialty products. The high quality and variety of its products make COIM one of the main leaders of the field. COIM operates through a network of production sites, commercial companies and agencies dislocated all over the world. The company's unique structure guarantees quality and service and is coupled with the flexibility and efficiency of a multinational organization.

Source: COIM

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