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Clariant at drupa 2016: Launches Nano Silver Conductive Inks for Printed Electronics

Published on 2016-06-01. Author : SpecialChem

MUTTENZ -- Clariant is opening up the sustainability and performance advantages of direct printing of high-conductivity electrical traces to new areas of the Electronics Manufacturing Industry, as it introduces its customized nano silver conductive inks to drupa visitors.

Fig. 1: Clariant at drupe 2016: Launches Nano Silver
Conductive Inks for Printed Electronics

Clariant's PRELECT® TPS Nano Silver Conductive Inks for Ink and Aerosol Jet application: 

• are water-based inks that contain metal particles.

• contain functional Silver Nano particles with specifically developed dispersants and capping agents from Clariant's own portfolio.

• offers excellent product performance, enablling manufacturers to print highly-defined electric patterns directly onto any surface for a number of environmental and manufacturing efficiency benefits.

From an environmental standpoint

Manufacturers can eliminate hazardous chemical metallization processes which use toxic chemicals and generate contaminated waste water.


Depending on the application, the direct printing of electrical traces in connection with additive manufacturing cuts down on the number of manufacturing steps compared to electroplating.

Carsten Schauer, Head of New Business Project Electronic Materials at Clariant, comments: "Customers choosing PRELECT TPS Nano Silver Conductive Inks benefit from an optimized solution, fit for industrial applications, that draws on Clariant's expertise in producing and combining particles and critical additives for functional inks. Our mass production capabilities also mean we can respond quickly to individual customer delivery requirements. These factors create added value for customers in the printed electronics segment."

PRELECT TPS Nano Silver Conductive Inks are already proving their value on a range of specialized devices and very thin surface layers requiring high conductivity. For example, printed cell collection grids in photovoltaic, printed cell phone antennae, RFIP antennae, printed touch sensor interconnects and EMI shielding layers.

About Clariant

As one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies, Clariant contributes to value creation with innovative and sustainable solutions for customers from many industries. Its portfolio is designed to meet very specific needs with as much precision as possible. At the same time, its research and development is focused on addressing the key trends of its time. These include energy efficiency, renewable raw materials, emission-free mobility, and conserving finite resources. Its business units are organized into four Business Areas: Care Chemicals, Natural Resources, Catalysis and Plastics & Coatings.

Source: Clariant

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