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Citadel Polyurea Coatings® Introduces Single Component Poly100-SC™ for Floor Coating

Published on 2011-06-17. Author : SpecialChem

MINNEAPOLIS -- Citadel® Polyurea Coatings announces Poly100-Single Component™, a primer body coat in their series of Single Component Polyurea (SCP) floor coatings with virtually unlimited pot-life. Poly100-SC™ has zero VOCs, making it an ideal solution for reducing environmental impact in both solid color and broadcast systems.

Poly100-SC™, like all SCP Solutions, has a virtually unlimited pot-life, allowing installers as much time as they wish to finish their projects with no waste. It minimizes inventory space by being a single component, and labor with its self-leveling properties that prevent it from forming roller lines, making SCP significantly more profitable for installers.

"Citadel's® Polyurea Coatings already offers many benefits over epoxy products, we were the first in the market to formulate easy to use Polyaspartics," says Patrick Ilfrey, CEO / Founder of Citadel®. "But Single Component Polyurea goes beyond even that-it's the future of floor coatings. It's got an unlimited pot-life, it's optically clear, it's stronger, not to mention all the practical benefits of not needing to mix, measure and store."

Poly100-SC™ offers several benefits, both to contractors and their customers, over epoxy and traditional Polyurea. Some of its more notable benefits include:

  • Unlimited pot life (Installers have more time to put down product and ensure consistency).
  • No waste (It will not cure in the pan, allowing you to use everything you pour out).
  • Zero VOCs (Minimal environmental impact and odor).
  • Easy preparation (No mixing or measuring needed).
  • Self-leveling.
  • Fast cure: 4-8 hours walk-on time (Even with multiple product layers, return-to-service time is less than 24 hours).
  • Year-round installations (Product can be installed in temperatures from zero to 120 degrees).
  • Flexibility and Strength (100 percent more flexible and 20 times stronger than epoxy).

Poly100's™ unique composition allows it to retain Polyurea's usual four to eight (4 to 8) hour walk on and 24 hour return to service when applied, despite its unlimited pot-life. It also retains Polyurea's elongation and flexibility, and remains a "green" product.

About Citadel® Floor Finishing Systems

Citadel®, a leading manufacturer of Polyurea floor coatings, evolved over 40 years from a mid-size installation company into the leader in one-day Polyurea floor applications. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, they began with foundation and horizontal pre-cast waterproofing, concrete restoration and polishing, as well as steel and bridge deck coatings. Their focus later shifted to engineering advanced Polyurea floor coatings. Citadel's® manufacturing division has been developing and applying Polyurea coatings for over 25 years on a large variety of substrates. They are widely known for manufacturing and installing Polyurea floor coatings everywhere from residential garages to commercial kitchens to warehouse facilities. The collective practice gives Citadel® over 65 years of experience in the coating industry.

Source: Citadel® Floor Finishing Systems

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