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Chromaflo at ACS 2016: to Present its Low-VOC Colorants & Pigment Dispersions

Published on 2016-04-08. Author : SpecialChem

ASHTABULA, Ohio, U.S.A -- Chromaflo Technologies will demonstrate its colorants and pigment dispersions at this year’s American Coatings Show in Indianapolis, April 12-14. Visitors to Chromaflo’s booth 1240 will be able to examine the colorants and software that underline the company’s integrated approach.

Fig. 1: Chromaflo Technologies

Chromaflo Technologies brings decades of experience and their global reach to the architectural and industrial coatings as well as thermoset markets. With more than 80 years of industry experience in colorant systems and chemical pigment dispersions, the Chromaflo family of product brands includes more than 200 product lines and 7,000 products, serving customers across six continents. By providing the broadest portfolio of technologies in the market, Chromaflo Technologies creates chemistries to solve the most complex performance, color and appearance challenges.

Some of the products featured will be:

Colortrend® 808 Line

Chromaflo’s Colortrend® 808 standard and 808 high performance low-VOC and APE-free universal colorants have minimal impact on paint properties. They have low odor and excellent rheological properties. These colorants have a broader color space potential, as well as better fade resistance and improved opacity. The tight quality specifications make it possible to use Colortrend colorants both volumetrically for point of sale and gravimetrically for in-plant use.

Colortrend® 871 Line

The Colortrend® 871 Series of colorants are also low-VOC, APE-free, high strength colorants. These are pourable color pastes that are cost-effective, highly concentrated aqueous dispersions containing high quality CI pigments. They have a very wide color range, are binder-free and have excellent color development in aqueous decorative coatings.

Chroma-Chem® 897 Line

The Chroma-Chem® colorants are the next generation of high-strength, low-VOC colorants designed for use in a wide variety of water-based industrial coatings. These provide a broader color space, excellent durability, light fastness and chemical resistance. They feature best-in-class quality for color retention in a wide range of aqueous chemistries.

UCD® E Line

Chromaflo’s UCD® E line of colorants have been formulated for use in most water-based industrial coatings, including automotive OEM, concrete protection, marine and protective coatings. They have excellent color performance with no negative impact on the final properties of the coating, and also have the added benefit of improved water resistance and block resistance.


Chromaflo’s UCD® VXS colorants have been designed for use in low-VOC, solvent-based industrial coatings. The colorants contain many of the same components found in the UCD V Line, but are formulated with only VOC-exempt solvents. This allows coatings formulators to meet more challenging VOC regulations while maintaining superb color performance. These products have closely controlled color strength and viscosity to permit reproducible color matches by volumetric matching dispensers or weight measurement in the plant.

Core Strength

Chromaflo takes pride in co-developing products with our customers. Chromaflo’s core strength is assisting customers in making the right selection to achieve the best balance between cost and performance. It continuously listens to the voice of its customers and in response has advanced these product technologies so that they may achieve superior results.

Visit Chromaflo at the American Coatings Show discuss a custom solution for your color and appearance challenges!

About Chromaflo Technologies

Chromaflo Technologies is one of the leading independent global suppliers of colorant systems, chemical and pigment dispersions, serving customers in architectural and industrial coatings as well as the thermoset composites market. Headquartered in Ashtabula, Ohio, U.S., Chromaflo has production facilities in the U.S., Canada, The Netherlands, Finland, Australia, South Africa and China. Sales and technical support is also provided throughout North and South America, Europe, Australia, China, India and Southeast Asia. Commitment to excellence is driven by three core values: quality, speed and service.

Source: Chromaflo Technologies

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