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Celanese Emulsions Introduces Mowilith® LDM 1865 VAE Emulsion for Low VOC Exterior Paints & Plasters

Published on 2009-10-30. Author : SpecialChem

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA -- Celanese Emulsion Polymers introduced a new vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAE) emulsion designed for low VOC, exterior masonry faç paints and plasters. Called Mowilith® LDM 1865, the new VAE emulsion is designed to offer a low VOC alternative for exterior paints and plasters currently formulated with styrene-acrylic, pure acrylic and vinyl versatate emulsions. Paints and plasters made with Mowilith LDM 1865 exhibit excellent outdoor durability, good color retention and low dirt pick-up. The emulsion also imparts good fire retardant properties to resulting formulations.

According to David Faust, market manager for European paints and coatings for Celanese, increased awareness of environmental issues is driving the development of new technology aimed at lowering the VOC content of paints. "There is no question that the green building movement is gaining momentum in every market in the world today. Both regulatory agencies and consumers are demanding paints that have a lower environmental impact. At the same time, they also expect excellent performance," he said. "Until now, the exterior paints and plasters market has been dominated by styrene-acrylic and pure acrylic technology. Mowilith LDM 1865 is certain to challenge the idea that VAE emulsions are not suitable for exterior environments," said Faust.

The best of both worlds

Mowilith LDM 1865 is the first exterior VAE emulsion designed using Celanese's patented new inclusion technology that allows the introduction of hard acrylic domains into the VAE, without increasing the minimum film forming temperature (MFFT). Mowilith LDM 1865 exhibits the best of both monomer systems in exterior paints and dispersion plasters. This patented technology is the key to Mowilith LDM 1865's ability to offer outdoor durability, color retention and resistance to dirt pick-up. As a VAE emulsion, it offers paint manufacturers the ability to formulate exterior paints without the high level of solvents and coalescing agents that are currently present in exterior paints. Due to its vinyl backbone, Mowilith LDM 1865 also imparts good fire retardant properties (classification B1 in Brandschachttests, DIN 4102), which is especially important for exterior insulation finishing systems (EIFs) and plasters. This new emulsion may also be used to formulate interior satin paints.

Celanese gave its first glimpse into the new inclusion dispersion technology at the European Coatings Congress in March of this year in a presentation by Dr. Kerstin Gohr, senior chemist in Celanese research and development. "At that time, we had data from our test fence showing better color retention than similar fa?de paints and plasters using styrene acrylic, vinyl versatate and pure acrylic emulsions, but we wanted to confirm the results over the summer months," said Gohr. "We are proud to say that the panels continue to exhibit resistance to fading as well as good resistance to dirt pick-up," she said.

According to Faust, Mowilith LDM 1865 will help companies create the paint of the future. "As the leader in VAE emulsions for low VOC, low-odor interior paints for decades, it is natural that Celanese would introduce the first binder for environmentally-friendly exterior paints. We are proud to introduce this VAE for the exterior market as it meets the high-performance criteria of today's paints and plasters and represents the beginning of the eco-friendly, low VOC exterior paint trend of tomorrow," said Faust.

Mowilith LDM 1865 will be commercially available exclusively throughout Europe.

About the Emulsion Polymers Business of Celanese:

The Emulsion Polymers business of Celanese is a global leader in developing products and application technology to improve performance, create value and drive innovation in a broad range of industrial and consumer end-use applications including adhesives, coatings, engineered fabrics, glass fibers, paper, textiles and more. The business has manufacturing facilities worldwide and is supported by expert technical service regionally.

About Celanese Corporation:

As a global leader in the chemicals industry, Celanese Corporation makes products essential to everyday living. Our products, found in consumer and industrial applications, are manufactured in North America, Europe and Asia. Net sales totaled $6.8 billion in 2008, with approximately 65% generated outside of North America. Known for operational excellence and execution of its business strategies, Celanese delivers value to customers around the globe with innovations and best-in-class technologies. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company employs approximately 8,000 employees worldwide.

Source: Celanese Corporation

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