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Carboline Launches Thermo-Lag E100, a Fire-resistant Epoxy Intumescent Coating

Published on 2013-12-24. Author : SpecialChem

St. LOUIS, MO -- Carboline Company announced the release of Thermo-Lag E100, an advanced epoxy intumescent fireproofing formulated to provide high quality aesthetics, rapid film build and superior physical performance without the need for a mesh reinforcement layer.

"The superior physical characteristics and high quality finish make Thermo-Lag E100 the ideal solution for both offsite and onsite application," said Doug Moore, VP of Global Marketing at Carboline. "This product allows us to offer a more complete intumescent package to our customers allowing a higher level of design and application flexibility."

When exposed to a fire, Thermo-Lag E100 epoxy intumescent fireproofing, intumesces or swells, producing a heat blocking char layer, which insulates the steel. The intumescent reaction and subsequent char production slows the rate of steel temperature rise and allows it to maintain its strength longer. This increases the time for safe evacuation and fire-fighting measures in order to protect assets and save lives.

Thermo-Lag E100 was specifically designed to provide 1-3 hour cellulosic fire protection for commercial structural steel elements and has been certified in accordance with UL 263 / ASTM E119 / NFPA 251 fire test standards. It has successfully passed the UL environmental test program and has been rated for both exterior and interior use.

Thermo-Lag E100 offers high film build and fast recoat properties allowing applicators to apply the entire required thickness in minimal time. Jim Rippe, General Manager of Global Fireproofing at Carboline states, "This product offers superior aesthetics when compared to current epoxy intumescent materials on the market and can provide up to 60% application time and labor savings over current water-based intumescent coatings."

About Carboline Company

Carboline is a world class, global supplier of high performance protective coatings, linings, and fireproofing products. Their global network of strategic manufacturing sites provides consistent production and delivery of high quality products to their customers worldwide. Carboline is considered the benchmark for quality high-performance protective coatings and offers the most comprehensive line of coatings and fireproofing products in the industry. Their innovative product development and unparalleled technical experience offer solutions for all protective coatings and fireproofing needs.

Source: Carboline

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