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New Nickel-PTFE-NanoDiamond Coatings Offer Improved Abrasion Resistance

Published on 2017-07-05. Author : SpecialChem

Carbodeon has partnered with CCT Plating to develop a new electroless nickel, PTFE and nanodiamond composite coating.

Nickel-PTFE-Nanodiamond Composite Coatings

Next Generation Coating
New generation Carbodeon NanoDiamond coatings can
reduce sliding parts wear by as much as 85 percent

Electroless nickel-PTFE (EN-PTFE) coatings are traditionally soft and wear quickly in abrasive conditions. Carbodeon’s NanoDiamond particles improve the abrasive wear resistance of Electroless nickel-PTFE coatings. It does not compromise the sliding or release properties.

Nanodiamond material consists of small, spherical diamond nanoparticles which are specially treated to make them disperse in coating liquids and carry a positive electrical charge on their surfaces. In the plating process, the diamond particles behave similarly to positively charged metal ions and together with the nickel and the PTFE material they co-deposit onto the component.

Key Performance Characteristics:

  • Provides excellent resistance to adhesive and abrasive wear with a Taber Wear Index 30% better than the equivalent EN-PTFE coatings
  • Coatings can be heat treated, bringing the Taber Wear Index down to 14 or lower. Coefficient of friction matches existing EN-PTFE systems – less than 0.2 when measured against steel counterparts
  • No increase in wear of the counterpart
  • It is environmentally friendly and is hexavalent chromium free
  • Low diamond content makes these coatings affordable and easy to apply

Target applications include:

  • Automotive components including engine parts 
  • Chassis parts and body mechanisms
  • Plastics forming molds including complex structures
  • Moving cores and slides
  • Military applications requiring hard wearing and lubricant-free operation
  • Printing and textile production equipment and machinery

Carbodeon CTO Dr. Vesa Myllymaki said:

Customer applications have multiple requirements that are a challenge for existing coatings. Through a combination of these three materials, nickel, nanodiamond and PTFE, we produce coatings which are resistant to the multiple modes of wear and failure that components and systems are subject to, while keeping the low friction and release properties of the NE-PTFE surface.

Carbodeon has patented the nanodiamond material and the plating application.

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Source: Carbodeon
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