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BYK’s Surface-active Additive Receives Innovation Awards

Published on 2017-05-30. Author : SpecialChem

WESEL/SHANGHAI -- BYK is delighted to have received two accolades from China: Ringier Trade Media, the publisher of “Coatings and Inks China”, has recognized BYK in the categories “2017 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - Coatings Industry” and “Innovators of the Year”.

BYK-3565 – Winner of 2017 Ringier Awards

BYK Receives Award
The winning team consists of Dr. Guillaume Jaunky, Mark
Heekeren, Dr. Jia Cheng, Dr. Marc Eberhardt, Olaf Muschiolik

The public and jury, comprising seven experts from the Chinese coatings industry, was impressed by a new additive from BYK: BYK-3565, which positively affects the wetting and leveling of the subsequent coating layer in multilayer coatings, was voted the winner in the category “2017 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - Coatings Industry” by a large majority.

The jury was equally impressed by the work of the international and interdisciplinary research teams, with the result that the researchers could look forward to a further award, that of “Innovators of the Year”.

Meeting Demands and Challenges of Coatings Industry

“We are thrilled with this double distinction because it confirms that we are on the right path of successfully meeting the various demands and challenges of the coatings industry with state-of-the-art additive technology and new concepts,” Dr. Horst Sulzbach, BYK’s CTO, states.

BYK-3565 is the logical development of BYK-3560, a hydrophilic additive that is also based on macromer technology. The challenge consisted not only in increasing the surface energy unilaterally but also in visibly improving the coating’s anti-crater properties. “After numerous test runs, we were able to perfectly balance the hydrophilic and hydrophobic components of the additive, which was the key to success,” Dr. Guillaume Jaunky, Head of the Surface Technology Group at BYK, affirms.

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Source: BYK
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