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BYK Offers BYK-1794 Defoamer for High-solids/Solvent-free Floor Coatings

Published on 2012-05-25. Author : SpecialChem

Environmentally sound and safe-to-use raw materials are much in demand in the DIY sector. A set of legislation and regulations determines the framework conditions for their use. The industrial and professional sectors now also conform with these requirements.

BYK-1794 is an emission-free defoamer and air release agent compliant with AgBB (German committee for the health-related evaluation of building products) and French standards. The additive is particularly recommended for high-solids and solvent-free systems on the basis of epoxy, PUR, polyaspartics, and UV systems. It is suitable for pigmented and non-pigmented systems, has no effect on surface properties or transparency, and is effective during production and further processing. The additive consists of 100 % solids and is solvent-free.

BYK-1794 is used in thick layer systems, such as coatings for flooring. BYK-1794 offers excellent compatibility with solvent-free coatings for ballast tanks, tank interiors, etc. It is also highly effective in 100 % polyurethane and polyaspartic acid ester systems for pipeline and concrete coatings as well as other solvent-free coating systems for a high degree of corrosion protection. In typical solvent-borne coil coating systems (e.g. polyester melamine or PUR systems), BYK-1794 is very compatible and produces good, spontaneous defoaming effects. Excellent results can be achieved in UV systems for wood and furniture coatings.

BYK®-1794 consists of 100% solids and is therefore very effective. At the same time, the additive has no negative impact on surface properties. It fulfills all statutory regulations in Germany (AgBB), France and Switzerland. BYK®-1794 is also suitable for direct food contact applications.

About BYK

BYK is ALTANA Group's successful global Additives & Instruments business unit. It encompasses the additives of BYK-Chemie and the instruments business of BYK-Gardner. Both companies rank exceptionally high within their respective markets. The main uses for BYK additives include application areas in the coatings, printing ink and plastics industries. But the demand for BYK additives is also growing rapidly in paper coatings, in the production of adhesives and sealants and in construction chemistry – because they are also being used to continuously optimize product properties and manufacturing processes in these sectors as well. In 2009, BYK expanded its product portfolio with the addition of raw materials used in the manufacture of release agents for aluminum die-casting.

For the coatings and plastics markets, BYK offers complete and unique system solutions: additives for the enhancement of coatings and plastics properties, and instruments for the objective assessment of the color, appearance and physical properties of coatings and plastics.

Source: BYK

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