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BYK Introduces: NANOBYK®-3845

Published on 2010-11-12. Author : SpecialChem

Polyolefin packaging films are typically not sufficient to protect substrates or contents from the negative effects of UV light. To reduce the damage caused by UV light, organic UV absorbers are often incorporated. These absorbers commonly suffer from migration and degradation over time and do not always offer long-term stability and protection.

NANOBYK®-3845 is an ideal UV-A and UV-B absorber based on uniformly distributed nanoscale zinc oxide in a polyethylene carrier. The additive shows a long-term protection and no migration into goods and substrates. The free flowing micro beads guarantee an easy incorporation and a safe usage.

NANOBYK®-3845 can be used in pigmented and clear polyolefin applications and is compliant to EU and FDA food regulations.

About BYK:

BYK was also among the first companies to apply nanotechnology. Extremely small quantities of solid nanoparticles significantly improve the properties of coatings and plastics. The use of NANOBYK® products, for example, can not only increase the UV protection of wood coatings or the scratch-resistance of coatings, but can even create self-healing effects in coatings.

Source: BYK

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