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BYK Introduces: BYK®-P 9928

Published on 2010-07-22. Author : SpecialChem

BYK®-P 9928 is a processing additive for foam-free vinyl esters. The design of vinyl esters has an impact on the cobalt complex that is added for accelerating the curing process and on its activity in the resin. BYK®-P 9928 slightly interferes with the interaction between the cobalt and the resin, reduces the reactivity of the cobalt and slows down the curing process.

The result is that the hydrogen peroxide is decomposed to radicals that react with the vinyl ester, instead of forming water and oxygen which would eventually try to evaporate and create foam.

BYK®-P 9928's benefits are: no foaming of vinyl ester resins, no negative influence on mechanical properties or corrosion resistance, liquid supply form, easy incorporation, and storage stability in the pre-accelerated resin for at least six months.

About BYK:

BYK-Chemie supplies additives to the paint and plastics industry, where they are used, for example, in automotive paints, printing inks or wood and architectural coatings.

Source: BYK

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