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Brewer Science Releases a High-Temperature Ultrathin Wafer Handling Solution, WaferBOND HT-10.10 Coating

Published on 2008-07-15. Author : SpecialChem

ROLLA, Mo. -- Brewer Science, Inc. announces the release of its second generation of spin-on polymeric temporary wafer bonding materials with superior bonded pair thermal stability. The Brewer Science WaferBOND™ HT-10.10 material bonds a device wafer to a temporary carrier to allow thinning and subsequent processing to create through-silicon vias (TSVs).

The Brewer Science WaferBOND™ HT-10.10 coating bonds fragile device wafers to rigid carriers, overcoming many of the challenges associated with TSV creation. The bonded wafer pairs have the rigidity necessary for handling during subsequent processing including deposition, lithography, etching, plating and cleaning.

Advanced packaging will benefit from the high-temperature processing capability and the solvent, acid, and base resistance of the WaferBOND™ HT-10.10 material. Device structure planarization with total thickness variation of less than 0.5 micrometers on a 10-micrometer coating permits thinning to 50 micrometers and beyond. High-temperature stability and chemical resistance help facilitate the creation of TSVs and subsequent metallization to create true 3-D stackable devices. The unique properties of the WaferBOND™ HT-10.10 material provide the bond stability necessary for backside circuitry creation and facilitate high-volume production of faster and more compact image sensors, flash memory and DRAM.

Brewer Science has teamed with equipment supplier EV Group to provide a full materials, machine, and process solution for the industry's thin-wafer handling needs. Aligning the advanced polymeric coatings expertise of Brewer Science with the industry-standard EVG® bonding and debonding equipment creates a system that provides high-volume production-ready processes.

About Brewer Science:

Brewer Science, a multidivisional technology company, has pioneered industry-enabling innovations including ARC® anti-reflective coatings, ProTEK® etch protective coatings, WaferBOND™ temporary wafer bonding materials, and microelectronics-grade carbon nanotube solutions. Brewer Science is a major producer of high-quality materials, processes, and machine solutions that meet the stringent requirements of today's IC, compound semiconductor, MEMS, and optoelectronic industries.

Source: Brewer Science

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