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Boyd Develops Protective CRC 6000 Hydrophobic Coating for Satellite Dishes

Published on 2012-07-06. Author : SpecialChem

HUDSON, MA -- Boyd Coatings Research Co., Inc. has developed the CRC 6000-line Hydrophobic Coating, a customized coating used primarily on radomes, satellite dishes and other communication installations to prevent water film from building up and hindering signals. CRC 6000 is currently employed on ground installations in every climate from the earth's deserts to the arctic; it is also used on seagoing vessels as well as rotary and fixed wing aircraft. CRC 6000 is a solid dispersion of fluorocarbon polymer and an aliphatic, moisture-cure, two-part polyurethane that creates a hard film with superior UV-resistance and long-term water repellency. CRC 6000 was designed to create a high contact angle (140+ degrees) for water droplets, allowing water to roll off and leave a perfectly dry surface. CRC 6000 thus minimizes signal attenuation, especially at 44 GHz and 21GHz, which traditionally results from surface water accumulation.

In addition to maintaining clear communications signals, CRC 6000 provides excellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion, chemicals and impact, and is self-cleaning in most environments. CRC 6000 can be applied directly to most composite substrates (including DuPont Tedlar and reinforced epoxies) and, with appropriate primers, to virtually any surface. Additionally, CRC 6000 has CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) properties which make it ideal for military applications.

CRC 6000 can be applied by conventional air, airless or air-assisted airless spray methods. The coating can also be brushed or rolled onto small areas. This allows for field application and repair as well as application in OEM production plants. CRC 6000 has a flat finish and is available in standard white, light gray, custom-color matches and Federal Standard 595 colors.

About Boyd Coatings Research

For over 45 years, Boyd Coatings Research has specialized in applying all aspects of coating technology to the everyday world. They have developed a reputation for excellence in the development, manufacture, application, and distribution of high performance coating systems.

They have become experts in the application of high-performance coatings - and can advise customers on which brands offer the best performance, longevity and overall value for a particular application. Experienced with and knowledgeable of the unique characteristics of literally hundreds of brands, their coatings engineers can evaluate product specification / project objective and recommend the ideal solution based on the proven strengths and weaknesses of each type.

Source: Boyd Coatings Research

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