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Bluestar Silicones at Labelexpo Americas'14: Unveils Silcolease® Flat Release Polymers

Published on 2014-09-11. Author : SpecialChem

Bluestar Silicones announced the expansion of its extensive line of flat release profile polymers at Labelexpo Americas 2014 at the Donald T. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill. The latest offering, Silcolease® Poly 356, is an ultra-flat release coating system which targets low-platinum, solventless systems and helps label manufacturers enhance productivity and realize significant cost savings.

As part of the Bluestar Silicones Optima system, Silcolease® Poly 356 is an innovative silicone release coating which provides premium flat release over a broad range of strip speeds. It offers the flattest release profile in the industry and enables label manufacturers to increase converting speeds, according to Ronald Hanks, Business Director for Bluestar Silicones. "Our development of the Optima version of flat release polymers was in direct response to the needs of our customers," explained Hanks. "Silcolease® Poly 356 offers significant value to our customers, enabling them to be more productive and efficient in a competitive marketplace."

Silcolease® Poly 356 is designed for formulation flexibility to allow reduction in platinum catalyst and more cost-effective process conditions for pressure-sensitive applications. The simplest Silcolease® Poly 356 release coating system comprises the vinyl silicone polymer, a methyl hydrogen siloxane crosslinker, and a platinum catalyst. The resulting addition reaction is very rapid, and, therefore, an inhibitor is included to provide bath stability at ambient conditions while allowing rapid cures at elevated temperatures.

Silcolease® Poly 356 provides good cures at high coating line speeds, effective cure on thermally sensitive substrates, and a wide range of release levels with the addition of release modifiers. It anchors to most substrates and has excellent bath stability.

Bluestar Silicones has also introduced two new ultraviolet (UV) photo initiators. Silcolease® UV CATA 243 is a next-generation cationic photoinitiator which requires lower addition levels and is more effective than current products. It is ready to use and produces a low-odor cured coating. Bluestar Silicones also launched Silcolease® UV CATA 102, a photoinitiator for free radical UV curing of silicone acrylate release coatings. It is a user friendly, pourable product that delivers excellent cure performance.

"We are committed to providing innovative UV curing systems as users increasingly see the benefits of UV cure release systems in narrow and wide-web applications," said Hanks.

At Labelexpo Americas, Bluestar Silicones also launched its new release coatings website (www.silcolease.com). Customers can access specific product information by technology, and technical data sheets are linked to each product for ease of use. In addition, a user can download technical information and innovation fact sheets from the site's Technical Center.

About Bluestar Silicones

With worldwide operations headquartered in Lyon, France, Bluestar Silicones is a $650 million worldwide silicones raw material manufacturer. The company is one of the world's leading fully integrated global silicones manufacturers with more than 60 years of silicone expertise. Bluestar Silicones has manufacturing operations throughout the world and combines upstream silicon metal operations and capacity with downstream silicone market and application development expertise. The company offers a comprehensive range of silicone technologies in support of diverse specialty markets including paper release, textile coatings, healthcare, moldmaking, automotive, aerospace, and personal care.

Source: Bluestar Silicones

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