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Emery Oleochemicals at Polyurethanes Technical Conference: to Launch Bio-Based Polyols

Published on 2016-09-15. Author : SpecialChem

CINCINNATI, OH, USA -- Emery Oleochemicals will launch four new bio-based products at the 2016 Polyurethanes Technical Conference.

The Four New Polyols

Emery Oleo New
Emery Oleochemicals at Polyurethanes Technical Conference:
to Launch Bio-Based Polyols
  • EMEROX® 14060 (aliphatic 2,900 MW EG azelate triol)
  • EMEROX® 14511 (aliphatic 1,000 MW EG azelate diol)
  • EMEROX® 14550 (aliphatic 2,000 MW EG azelate diol) and 
  • EMEROX® 14555 (aliphatic 2,000 MW EG azelate diol with enhanced hydrophobicity)

Benefits and Features of Bio-based Polyols:

  • Compliant with REACH standards 
  • Designed to provide performance in a broad range of applications 
  • Provides improved tensile and tear strength, 
  • Provides higher elongation
  • Shows oxidative, UV, moisture and solvent resistance

EMEROX® polyols can also be optimized for coatings, adhesives, and elastomer applications by engineering functionality, hydroxyl reactivity (primary and/or secondary), and polymer hydrophobicity.

While rapidly renewable and bio-based products continue to be important to consumers, the company recognizes that performance is essential and natural-based products must maintain or exceed established product performance to satisfy end-use demand. Emery Oleochemicals' proprietary polyols production process provides all the design freedom of building polyol structures similar to a petrochemical process.

Delivering Exceptional Performance Enhancements

EMEROX® renewable content polyols deliver exceptional performance enhancements rivalling or exceeding the performance obtained from petroleum-based products with the added benefit of high bio-based content. This positions the Eco-Friendly Polyols business to very effectively meet industry demands for both performance and sustainability

Mark Kinkelaar, Global Business Director, Eco-Friendly Polyols said, "We are committed to ongoing investment in product and application development to meet market demands. And, our close collaboration with our customers allows us to develop the right product with optimized performance for very specific flexible foam, rigid foam or C.A.S.E applications. Utilizing our strong team of in-house technical experts and our state-of-the-art production capabilities, not only can we improve environmental properties, we can also reduce time-to-market through effective scale-up from our lab to our new commercial production facility opened last Fall."

The Eco-Friendly Polyols business will be showcasing their new polyols for the C.A.S.E. market along with their complete portfolio of EMEROX® renewable content polyols and INFIGREEN® recycled content polyols at the 2016 Polyurethanes Technical Conference, taking place in Baltimore, Maryland from September 26 - 28.

About Emery Oleochemicals Group

One of the leading producers of natural-based chemicals made predominantly from natural oils and fats such as plant-based oil and tallow, it offers an extensive product portfolio, including renewable solutions for the Agro Green, Bio-Lubricants, Eco-Friendly Polyols, Green Polymer Additives, Home & Personal Wellness and OleoBasics markets. With revenue of US$1billion (2014), the company is headquartered in Malaysia with manufacturing plants spanning three continents - Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe. Emery Oleochemicals’ global operations are backed by a diverse workforce and an extensive distribution network covering over 50 countries worldwide. 

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Source: Emery Oleochemicals
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