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B-H Paints Unveils Ulttima Plus Line of Paints for Caribbean Paint Customers

Published on 2013-11-08. Author : SpecialChem

B-H Paints, a member of the Harris Group of Companies, has launched the new Ulttima Plus line of paints which they declare is the "Ulttimate Paint Solution" manufactured to solve the five major painting challenges that customers revealed through research conducted across the Caribbean. Indeed, inside of the new line of paints are a series of five innovative, proprietary trademarked technologies, all unique to Ulttima Plus.

These five technologies were designed to reflect the wants and needs of Caribbean paint consumers, to address the product complaints customers have made in the past, and moreover - to solve customers'painting problems, helping them to get better results that last longer, saving them time, aggravation and money. Now there is less of a need to buy specialty paint for specific challenges, as B-H offers 5 solutions in one can with Ulttima Plus, using innovative technology platforms.

At a recent conference, held at the Crane Resort, Barbados, Executives of the Harris Group of Companies introduced Ulttima Plus to a group of over 150 of Harris and BH Paints'partners, retailers, contractors, architects and others from Barbados and 10 other countries around the region, to this ‘new standard of quality'which has taken over two years of vigorous research and development and a great deal of investment, in making new paint formulations that outperform all of the competition and prove Harris/B-H Paints'Ulttima Plus to be Best by Test.

Attendees at the conference heard from the international partners of the Harris Group of Companies, who flew in for the launch to talk about their specific areas and the level of research and testing which went into the development of the product. They testified and reconfirmed the stringent tests to which the product was subjected and confirmed that the region's coating market was going to significantly change after the revolution that has now been created by Harris/B-H.

In addition, Ulttima Plus products that display the Green Wise™certification mark have been tested and certified by an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory to meet or exceed the VOC requirements and do not contain certain chemicals determined to be harmful to humans or the environment. When you see this seal you know you are getting an environmentally responsible, high quality product.

"We had to bring our people together to share this information first-hand; we couldn't just send this product out into the marketplace without sharing the technology and the details of its development" stated CEO of the Harris Group of Companies Ian Kenyon. "We really wanted them to see and feel it, that way they would be better able to understand it and therefore to better sell it." he added.

"Ulttima Plus was clearly developed with our customers'needs in mind and market research showed us that Caribbean consumers measure paint quality based on Durability from weather/sun; Ease of use & application; Resistance to mildew/mold/fungus; Colors that do not fade; High coverage; Washability/scrubbability; Low odor/smell and based on it being better for the Environment and one's health. Consequently, we developed technologies which address these major paint challenges."

Private and commercial property owners in Jamaica and around the Caribbean can now benefit from a new revolution in paint technology.

As the Caribbean Champions of Color, Harris/B-H Paints needed to ensure that the launch of Ulttima Plus also improved their ability to deliver color. By investing in cutting edge new tinting and color visualization software, all new spectrophotometers for color matching, and in developing a unique new Ulttima Plus color palette and color card, customers will be able to accurately get the right colors, right away.

"This new computerized matching technology now gives us fifty-nine thousand (59,000) colors and is available at every Harris/B-H Paints Colorcentre and all major dealers, allowing us to tint Ulttima Plus to any color or custom match the exact shade of anything that customers bring, be it the color of their curtains or the shade of their favorite flower. That alone is a phenomenal achievement. Add to that our team of trained color experts who help you coordinate and match colors, we at Harris/B-H will continue to be the Champions at transforming lives and spaces with color! Kenyon stated with pride following approvals from retailers present at the conference.

About B-H Paints/Harris Paints

The Harris Group of Companies, commonly known as Harris Paints, is one of the Caribbean's leading manufacturers of architectural finishes, building products and industrial coatings. Established in Barbados in 1972, the organization was built on the goal of manufacturing the best quality products, available in the most beautiful colors, and delivered with unmatched service. They have grown over the years, most recently with the acquisition of Brandram-Henderson (B-H Paints), one of the leading Jamaican paint manufacturers founded in 1962. Harris employs over 300 people across the region, and manufactures paint in Barbados, Dominica, St. Lucia, Guyana, and Jamaica. They also distribute paints and related products to over 15 countries in the Caribbean.

Source: B-H Paints

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