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Benjamin Moore Rolls Out ARBORCOAT Waterborne Exterior Stains

Published on 2010-01-26. Author : SpecialChem

MONTVALE, NJ -- Benjamin Moore is wasting no time in starting the new decade with a trailblazing industry achievement-introducing a super premium waterborne deck and siding stain, ARBORCOAT™.

ARBORCOAT is powered by the same patented Gennex waterborne colorant technology developed by Benjamin Moore over the past decade. It is a system that not merely has yielded award-winning low- and zero-VOC interior paints (Aura and Natura, respectively), but has dispelled every argument that performance is sacrificed or compromised by going "green." In fact, in divining the new Gennex formulations, Benjamin Moore has defined a new generation of paint, creating unparalleled ultimate performance coatings. Now, leapfrogging into the future, it's doing the same for the stain category, delivering a low odor/ low-VOC product that's well below the strictest VOC regulations yet astonishingly superior in performance to conventional stains.

"A waterborne exterior stain is not a new concept," explained Carl Minchew, director of product development for Benjamin Moore, "but, ARBORCOAT is succeeding where others previously have failed. In short, it's an advanced technology for preserving wood. And, it's another Benjamin Moore innovation coup-one that reflects the company's unceasing drive to research and develop high quality products respectful of the environment and the planet."

A Range of Five Opacities...

Five products comprise the family of ARBORCOAT Waterborne Exterior Stains. Transparent, Semi Transparent and Protective Clear Coat are options that promise exceptional protection while allowing the natural color and texture of the wood to show through. Distinguishing the two minimally opaque stain finishes is a unique composition of both water dispersible alkyds with acrylic resins. Thanks to the alkyds, the stain is able to deeply penetrate the wood; it's the acrylic resins that contribute to the incomparable durability over time. As for the acrylic Protective Clear Coat, it is especially effective and recommended as a final deck finish atop either of the two transparent stains, ensuring added defense against foot traffic and the punishing elements of the outdoors. In fact, an annual application of the Protective Clear Coat is optimum, providing paint contractors with the opportunity for ongoing maintenance for a client.

For those wanting to completely mask the wood grain but retain the textural qualities, there is a choice of ARBORCOAT Semi Solid or Solid finishes. These are acrylic formulations, with performance properties that are equally superior protection as their aforementioned siblings. Semi Solid is available in 75 popular colors; Solid in any color.

So many other outstanding traits are common to the entire ARBORCOAT stain family. Foremost is that they help repel damaging UV rays, are water and mildew resistant, and help prevent scuffing and the wear of constant foot traffic. When tinted, the low odor stains feature Benjamin Moore's proprietary Gennex waterborne colorant, adding no further VOCs to a low VOC count of less than 100 grams per liter. All ARBORCOAT stains have been formulated for decks or siding; they are easy to apply with roller or spray plus back brush; and, re-coating can be rapidly completed, increasing productivity and bottom line results for a contractor. Clean up also is simple with soap and water, making harsh solvents unnecessary.

"Put to the test, ARBORCOAT has outperformed even the best alkyd stains on the market," said Minchew. "An independent lab recently conducted unrelenting comparison testing, and seeing is believing. The ARBORCOAT samples versus those from leading competitors tell such a compelling story of the durability and aesthetic resilience, we've decided to include actual weathered wood panels in presentation kits to show how ARBORCOAT stacks up. It's a worthwhile investment in stating the ARBORCOAT case."

ARBORCOAT is engineered to work effectively with the full lineup of Benjamin Moore's existing Prep Products. Protective Clear Coat is $40.99 a gallon; the stains, $42.99 MSRP.

About Benjamin Moore:

Benjamin Moore & Co., a Berkshire Hathaway company, was founded in 1883. One of the country's leading manufacturers of premium quality residential, commercial and industrial maintenance coatings, its products are distributed via a network of independent paint and decorating retailers throughout North America. Benjamin Moore has been a longstanding steward of the environment with a relentless commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices plus the ongoing development of the most eco-responsible formulations possible. Its portfolio of Green Promise® products continues to grow and includes Aura, über-performance low-VOC paint; Natura, the true zero-VOC interior paint, remaining zero in any color, any sheen; and EcoSpec zero-VOC paint for commercial interiors. Benjamin Moore ranks as one of the top 35 GREEN Companies in the U.S., according to GreenBiz.com from an Eco-Insights survey conducted by Earthsense with more than 30,000 respondents.

Source: Benjamin Moore

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