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Benjamin Moore Boosts Performance of Commercial Coating with Eco Spec®WB Silver

Published on 2010-08-23. Author : SpecialChem

MONTVALE, NJ -- Driven to develop paint that delivers unprecedented performance on commercial job sites, Benjamin Moore has created Eco Spec WB Silver. It is the first zero-VOC paint in the U.S. formulated with elemental silver and other EPA-approved antimicrobial additives that inhibit bacterial odors and mildew growth on the paint surface. A premium commercial coating, Eco Spec WB Silver is the latest addition to the company's Green Promise portfolio of paint products powered by Benjamin Moore's patented Gennex waterborne colorant system. In short, it remains zero-VOC even after tinting and no matter the color. "Silver is a natural element that, for centuries, has been recognized as a type of preservative," said Carl Minchew, Benjamin Moore's director of product development. He explained that silver can be found in cosmetics, textiles, medical products and even wound care because of its broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties.

"At Benjamin Moore, we're continually experimenting, researching and exploring in a quest to add performance virtues that surpass conventional paint and coverings products," added Minchew. "Eco Spec WB Silver, with pure silver dispersed in the paint, is one of those breakthroughs that earn the brand its pioneering stripes."

The advantages of Eco Spec WB Silver go beyond the norm. Its mildew-resistant quality helps to extend the useful life of the coating, controlling this troubling moisture-thriving condition that's often the cause of surface deterioration. At the same time, it renders a dried paint film that resists mold, fungus and bacterial odors and is durable even after repeated washings. And, like the original Eco Spec WB formulation, it is low-odor, zero-VOC yet available in any color, and remains VOC-free regardless of the tint.

An ideal choice for projects applying for LEED credits, Eco Spec WB Silver is recommended for high-humidity locations and high-traffic commercial facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, dorms, day care, health and fitness centers, museums, restaurants, hotels, resorts, government offices and military compounds. Eco Spec WB Silver is available in three finishes: flat, eggshell and semi-gloss. It is sold in single and five-gallon containers.

About Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore & Co., a Berkshire Hathaway company, was founded in 1883. One of the country's leading manufacturers of premium quality residential, commercial and industrial maintenance paints and other coatings, its products are distributed via a network of independent paint and decorating retailers throughout North America. Benjamin Moore has been a longstanding steward of the environment with a relentless commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices plus the ongoing development of the most eco-responsible formulations possible. Its portfolio of Green Promise® products continues to grow and includes Aura®, an über-performance low-VOC paint; Natura®, the true zero-VOC interior paint, remaining zero in any color, any sheen; and EcoSpec WB zero-VOC paint products. Benjamin Moore ranks as one of the top 35 GREEN Companies in the U.S., according to GreenBiz.com from an Eco-Insights survey conducted by Earthsense with more than 30,000 respondents.

Source: Benjamin Moore & Co.

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