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BayerONE - eBusiness Made Easy

Published on 2002-08-13. Author : SpecialChem

Central transaction portal enables global and individualized eBusiness

Leverkusen - With the new BayerONETM transaction portal, Bayer's Coatings and Colorants Business Group now offers its customers the opportunity to quickly and easily enter and track orders at any time and from anywhere in the world. The central and efficient online order management tool is replacing the business group's previous transaction portal, providing the customer with a uniform and comprehensive eBusiness solution for use with all of Bayer's polymers and chemicals business groups.

BayerONE is not only an order entry tool, but also a reliable reporting and communication tool. All relevant information is provided to the customer automatically.

BayerONE is completely integrated into Bayer's ERP systems. Status e- mails keep the customer informed of order confirmations, changes to order status, delivery dates, order volume and much more - and this regardless of how the order was placed. The customer determines the scope and frequency of the status e-mails and thus receives the exact information required - no more and no less. The status e-mails include a link that takes the customer to the relevant website within BayerONE where any necessary changes can be made immediately. In addition, overviews of both standard reports and personalized reports, e.g. on the status of open orders, delivery details, order history and invoices, can be viewed and exported into any of the common spreadsheet programs. Comprehensive information in the form of Material Safety Data Sheets and COAs is also available for download. All relevant order data and documents from the last two years are available in BayerONE.

Order entry via BayerONE is also quick and easy. The customer can use masks for new orders or a previously entered and saved order can be used as a template. The customer can thus place new orders using an order catalog, reorder from the order history or reactivate saved orders.

With its versatility and level of customization as well as the comprehensive personalization of services, BayerONE appeals to a wide range of customer groups. Even customers already connected to Bayer via other systems can benefit from the additional information provided by BayerONE's comprehensive reporting and communication capabilities.

The tool is very easy to use. All the customer needs is Internet access, a browser and an e-mail address.

BayerONE can be accessed either directly via http://www.BayerONE.Bayer.com or through the Coatings and Colorants (LS) Business Group's website http://www.bayercoatings.com .

Detailed information about BayerONE is available in the brochure "BayerONE Global eBusiness - Your Connection to Bayer". You can read, download or order a free copy of the brochure in the "Literature" section of the Customer Center on the LS website (registration required).

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