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BASF's new POLYCERAM® Plus topcoat system for coil coating applications

Published on 2010-08-04. Author : SpecialChem

MÜNSTER -- Inspection passed: After two years of development, BASF has now launched POLYCERAM® Plus, a new family of topcoats for coil coatings, in Europe. Besides flexibility, weathering resistance is also an important positioning element for the various products comprising the new topcoat system. This system covers the entire spectrum of weathering resistance characteristics outlined as RUV classes under European norm EN 10169.

The new topcoat family consists of only eight product lines. They replace the over 20 different offerings previously available. "POLYCERAM® Plus is not an arbitrary selection of coatings that has evolved over time. We carefully analyzed our product range on the basis of market data and our customers' requirements before our specialists started with the actual development work," explains Anne Heimes-Scheller, Industrial Coatings Marketing. With this well-structured range, nearly any customer preference can be met.

Dorothe Koberg, head of the coil coatings development lab, adds: "We have substantially improved our product lines. The new products exhibit significantly enhanced properties, including highly optimized weathering resistance and extreme robustness in processing. "Using carefully defined pigment pastes, the experts at BASF are able to come up with almost any color tone and gloss level. Specially developed converters give the product its particular properties in terms of UV resistance, flexibility, structure and hardness. The desired end product is arrived at by combining converters with pigment paste.

The demand for the product portfolio continues to grow. "POLYCERAM® Plus helps our customers to be even more successful," explains Anne Heimes-Scheller.

Source: BASF

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