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BASF Unveils Water-based Polymer Dispersion for Interior Paints

Published on 2017-11-23. Author : SpecialChem

A new generation of dispersions for interior paints is set to improve indoor air quality in commercial and residential buildings around the region. BASF’s new premium water-based polymer dispersion product, Acronal® ECO 7653, features extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and thus odor.

New Generation of Dispersions for Interior Paints

BASF Acronal ECO 7653
Acronal® ECO 7653 is suitable for interior
paints for general indoor facilities
This means that interior paints made with this product can help protect health and provide strong resistance against stains and dirt, while meeting increasingly stringent environmental standards – including:

  • The Australian Ecolabel Program
  • The Chinese low VOC standard (JG/T 481-2015) 
  • Other green labelling schemes in Asia

Individuals and governments in the Asia Pacific region are becoming aware that interior paints are a common source of indoor air pollution that directly affects health. This acrylic dispersion for low-VOC, low-odor interior paint is developed to address consumer needs for healthier indoor air, and a durable, stain free living environment,” said CheeSeng Yong, Head of Regional Marketing, Polymer Dispersion for Architectural Coatings Asia Pacific.

Acronal® ECO 7653

  • With its minimal VOC levels, at 0.27g/L*, the odor of paints made with Acronal ECO 7653 is extremely low
  • It thus reduces the possible impact of volatile substances on health, and lessens the typical unpleasant fumes in newly painted rooms
  • House owners can move in right away or hotel guest rooms can be released when the paints are dry, meaning downtime and costs can be saved

This premium dispersion also exceeds the Chinese national standard on stain resistance for architectural coatings and paint (GB/T 9780-2013), which means paints formulated with Acronal ECO 7653 will look fresh and neat for a longer period, keeping stains such as tea, ink and crayon away from walls.

Highly-durable Paints

The paints will also be highly durable, withstanding multiple cleaning processes and will have good resistance over polishing and rubbing resulting in less scuff marks on walls.

Paints with Acronal ECO 7653 are suitable for apartments, schools, offices, hotels, as well as mission critical environments such as operating theaters, isolated wards, MRI system room, radiology laboratories, microelectronic manufacturing, and other places where strict environment controls are required.

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Source: BASF
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