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BASF Presents COL.9®: A New Generation of Binders for Paints and Coatings

Published on 2005-04-27. Author : SpecialChem

BASF is presenting its new generation of binders for architectural coatings at this year's European Coatings Show (April 26 - 28). COL.9® is a high-tech product combining inorganic and organic chemistry. BASF researchers already won the 2004 Coatings Award (Farbe-und-Lack-Preis) for developing this innovation, and COL.9® DS 1000 has now become the first commercially available product in this specialty segment for outdoor applications.

Nanocomposite dispersions for facade coatings

In the new COL.9® binders, inorganic nanoparticles are homogeneously incorporated into organic polymer particles of water-based dispersions. The resulting nanocomposite dispersions combine the benefits of inorganic binders - such as hardness and permeability - with those of organic binders - such as elasticity and water resistance.

COL.9® DS 1000 was developed specially for façade coatings. After application and drying, the inorganic nanoparticles form a homogeneous three-dimensional network structure covering the entire coating film. Because of this extremely fine nanostructure, facade coatings based on this innovative technology are extremely resistant to dirt and chalking (separation of white pigments), do not crack, and display high color tone stability. The lattice structure composed of inorganic and organic components is furthermore responsible for its excellent fire behavior properties. The color film does not melt in the presence of fire and does not drip.

"Our new generation of binders creates the basis for new, significantly better performing facade coatings," says Ralph Schweens, head of BASF's Business Unit Adhesives and Construction Industry Europe. "It makes exterior paint jobs better able to withstand tough weather conditions. Not having to repaint so often is a hands-on benefit for the consumer - especially since the facade keeps that freshly painted look for longer". It's also why BASF chose to market the new binders using the slogan Anti-aging for facades.

As a leading supplier of products for the construction industry, BASF develops, produces and markets polymer dispersions worldwide. They are used for the production of textured finishes, finishing systems and compounds, advanced super plasticizer, roof coatings or ceramic tile adhesives for example. In paints and architectural coatings they are used as binders. BASF's strengths include its efficient research and development and global application technology. The business is part of the Functional Polymers division within BASF's performance products segment.

Source: BASF

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