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BASF Launches Leveling Agents with Exceptional Compatibility

Published on 2019-11-22. Author : SpecialChem

BASF-leveling-agentsBASF has globally launched two innovative polyacrylate-based leveling agents - Efka® FL 3750 and Efka® FL 3755.

Leveling Agents for both Solvent-borne and Solvent-free Coatings

Efka® FL 3750 and Efka® FL 3755 leveling agents are specifically developed for all solvent-borne and solvent-free coatings.

These grades demonstrate brilliant compatibility in solvent-borne resin systems like acrylic melamine, 2K PU, alkyd, polyester and nitrocellulose lacquer. Other highlights include outstanding heat stability across paint systems ranging from 2K PU ambient curing to high temperature baking of acrylic and polyester coil systems.

Efka® FL 3750 and Efka® FL 3755 are an ideal choice for use in automotive OEM and refinish coatings, wood coatings and industrial coatings. Their application area can also be extended to UV curing formulations and powder coatings, as well as ambient curing and baking curing systems.

About BASF’s Dispersions & Pigments division

The Dispersions & Pigments division of BASF develops, produces and markets a range of high-quality pigments, resins, additives and polymer dispersions worldwide. These raw materials are used in formulations for a number of industries, including coatings, construction, adhesives, printing and packaging, electronics and paper.

Source: BASF
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