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BASF Introduces Glassurit Steel Primer Paste & 68 Line - a DTM system for Vehicle Finishes

Published on 2011-08-24. Author : SpecialChem

Münster -- Special requirements call for special solutions. Glasurit RATIO Truck System and the associated 68 Line topcoat system are perfectly coordinated to meet the requirements posed by commercial vehicle finishes. This system allows spraypainters to work easily, quickly and very efficiently, achieving top results with maximum efficiency - both for OEM coating and in refinishing of containers and chassis, as well as for high-quality bodies and buses. Now, 68 Line's steel primer paste is making the system even more efficient.

One of the 68 Line's most outstanding product features is the fact that you can complete a paint job in one go, with a mere one-and-a-half spraycoats. This makes it superior to any other product on the market in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and process reliability. However, using 68 Line not only saves you considerable time and material. It also helps you achieve extraordinarily brilliant results. The same goes for repairs. For the perfect refinishing job with 68 Line, the Glasurit Color Truck Guide is available as a professional tool for efficient color matching.

Glasurit is constantly developing new products, which ensures that RATIO Truck System will continue to be a pioneer and can be adapted to all kinds of applications. One of the newest products is Glasurit 568-46 CV-Steel Primer Paste. Its big advantage is that the paste turns 68 Line into a "direct to metal application system" (DTM system). When used in combination with CV-Steel Primer Paste, the 68 Line topcoats can be applied directly to metal as a DTM topcoat with a 50:50 mixing ratio. For commercial vehicle bodyshops, this provides an economically efficient solution for painting chassis, dumper/tipper bodies and container cars- with good corrosion protection and good adhesion. Another benefit: The CV Steel Primer Paste can be mixed 70:30 with a 68 Line Topcoat for application as a tinted primer filler in a 2-layer system.

About BASF Coatings

Coating materials from BASF Coatings protect surfaces and give them color and luster. Their products and processes set the standard for ecoefficiency. Every day, their research and development teams work to make coatings of the future more high performance and more eco-friendly. When it comes to automotive OEM paints, automotive refinish products, and industrial paints, BASF Coatings is one of the global players in the coatings industry. They are among the top three in automotive OEM paints and automotive refinish paints. When it comes to coil coatings, an important sector within industrial coatings, they are the number two in the world.

Source: BASF Coatings

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