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BASF Coatings outlines new environmental protection initiatives for automotive refinish industry in Japan

Published on 2010-04-30. Author : SpecialChem

YOKOHAMA, Japan -- BASF Coatings Japan Ltd. is responding to an increasing awareness about environmental protection in Japan: a series of initiatives is introduced in the automotive refinish market to promote the use of the eco-friendly water-borne BASF coatings brand, R-M®.

BASF Coatings Japan Ltd. actively supports bodyshops to replace conventional solvent-borne coatings with R-M's water-borne product line ONXY HD.Currently, the penetration rate of eco-friendly, water-borne coatings is relatively low compared to other types of coatings. BASF aims to promote a wider use, thus contributing to the industry's voluntary initiative in 2010 to achieve a 30% reduction of VOC emission, based on the emission figure recorded in the year2000.

"We aim to strengthen our leading position in the Japanese market for water-borne automotive refinish coatings through the new initiatives. We launch a Partner Bodyshop concept helping bodyshops to completely convert from solvent-based to water-borne coatings. We also intend to strengthen collaboration with local government regarding environmental measures and to focus more than ever on training the technicians," commented Katsuhiko Kubota, Head of Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions, BASF Coatings Japan Ltd.

There will be a new, extended program to train the painters in bodyshops according to their knowledge and skills. An E-Learning System will help distributors to acquire and share know-how in the promotion of waterborne coatings. Moreover, BASF is introducing an online forum to enhance efficient communication and better sharing among distributors and users. This will also facilitate a successful conversion to water-borne R-M ONYX HD.

Source: BASF

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