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Avecia Launches 'Second Generation' Ink Jet Printable Soldermask for PCB Manufacture

Published on 2004-06-25. Author : SpecialChem


Avecia has launched its second generation of soldermask ink for use in Printed Circuit Board (PCB)- dedicated ink jet printers. Containing Avecia's JETRACKTM technology, Soldermask 002 is fully compliant with IPC SM 840C (Class H) standards, and delivers greater robustness to a wider range of downstream plating and assembly processes.

Avecia printable fluids, based on JETRACKTM technology are UV curable inks and were the first to be commercialised for PCB printing applications. Soldermask 002 extends the performance of the technology by offering enhanced compatibility with plating baths and final board assembly processes - whilst still offering capability for a halogen-free, non-volatile flexible soldermask laydown to IPC standards.

Ink jet printing is an efficient method for the direct printing of soldermask onto PCBs that removes all the photo-imaging and subsequent development stages of conventional PCB production.

Hardware and consumable requirements are significantly reduced (resulting in equipment capital, floor space, maintenance and material savings). In addition, the removal of processing steps reduces the environmental load at the facility. Add to this the enhanced reproducibility of digital board registration, including accounting for individual board distortions, and the benefits of ink jet printing soldermask become very persuasive.

"Avecia has again raised the standards for ink jet printable soldermasks, extending our world-leading position" says Giles Branthwaite, business manager for Avecia's ink jet programme for PCBs. "The innovative technology package of our Soldermask 002 product with the excellent printers of our hardware partner New System enables the large scale adoption of ink jet printing for PCB manufacture". Cesare Fumo, president of printer partner New System SRL, added: "We're delighted that Avecia continues to advance its PCB fluid portfolio in conjunction with our rapidly expanding printer range. Our collaboration will enable the benefits of ink jet technology to be realized by a steadily increasing number of PCB producers over the coming months and years".

Avecia's innovative JETRACK technology fluids were first seen at Europe's EPC 2002 show, staged in Cologne. Avecia is already a world market leader in dyes, inks and colour systems for ink jet printing.

Source: Avecia

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