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ASK Chemicals at ECS 2013: to Present Alkyd Resin Emulsions' Series - NECOWEL

Published on 2013-03-18. Author : SpecialChem

HILDEN -- At this year's leading international trade fair for the paints and coatings market the European Coating Show, ASK Chemicals will demonstrate its commitment to the industry with its innovative products from the NECOWEL series. ASK Chemicals will be displaying its products in Hall 1, Booth 210, at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre, Germany, 19 - 21 March 2013.

The outstanding features of alkyd resins and alkyd resin emulsions from ASK Chemicals are always their clear advantages for environmental protection and occupational health and safety, as well as their performance and quality. After all, NECOWEL products are always adapted and tailor-made to specific customer requirements. At this year's ECS, visitors can look forward to new and established solutions for wood protection and impregnation, house paints, and high-quality 2-component systems in particular.

NECOWEL 5100: Rheologically optimized binding agent for aqueous house paints

Thanks to rheological modification of the alkyd emulsion NECOWEL 5100, ASK Chemicals has succeeded in considerably improving the flow characteristics of aqueous house paints. Compared to solvent-based paints with excellent leveling properties, most aqueous trim paints exhibit strong pseudoplastic, shear thinning properties. This means very fast viscosity increases after brushing. For this reason we see brushmarking and insufficient leveling. Paints based on NECOWEL 5100 show more "Newtonian" viscosity characteristics and significant better flow and leveling. NECOWEL 5100 is free of both solvents and plasticizers, and features good drying characteristics and a high gloss. This makes it possible to replace solvent-based house paints with water-based paints with no loss of quality.

The solution for aqueous 2-component polyurethane paints with NECOWEL 700 and 750

NECOWEL 700 and 750 are polyester polyols that are ideally suited to formulating aqueous 2-component polyurethane paints. In combination with hardeners based on aliphatic isocyanates, paints featuring an outstanding gloss and fullness as well as good weather and chemical resistance can be formulated. The systems also feature a very high low blistering tendency for aqueous systems, and this ensures high processing reliability for the user. Thanks to the good solvent and chemical resistance, graffiti can be easily removed with common aggressive cleaning agents.

Highlight for decorative work: NECOWEL 4300

A special highlight is NECOWEL 4300, a cationically modified alkyd emulsion for stain blocking paints. Conventional resin dispersions do not exhibit any blocking properties against bleeding substances. This contamination can even be transported to the paint surface through several coats of paint. ASK Chemicals has succeeded in integrating cationic groups into a more or less anionic alkyd resin system. The result is a stable resin system with outstanding blocking properties against anionic contamination such as substances in wood. Basic contamination such as nicotine is also neutralized and fixed by the acidic groups in the resin system. NECOWEL 4300 thus offers optimum conditions for use in insulating paints. NECOWEL 4300 also features simple, secure handling, good wetting characteristics, and compatibility with tinting pastes. In addition, the product is VOC-free and free of volatile residual monomers.

Top-class grain accentuation through use of NECOWEL FLE emulsions

Copolymer emulsions based on NECOWEL FLE are perfectly suitable for formulating highly porous wood stains and wood care products such as teak oils and wood preservatives. The low viscosity of the copolymer results in very good wetting of the wood fiber and high penetrating power into the wood surface. This in turn results in very good grain accentuation of the wood fiber. The visual appearance is identical to that of solvent-based systems, with the advantage that NECOWEL products are fully VOC and solvent-free, and therefore meet all the requirements for environmental friendliness. The products from the NECOWEL FLE series are ideally suited to creating glazes for inside and out, teak oil etc.

On March 21, 2013, at 11:30 a.m. at Stand 1-133 in Hall 1, Dr. Carolin Wallenhorst, Specialty Resins Product Manager, will give a lecture on the further developments in the field of wood stains and insulating paints.

About ASK Chemicals

The success of ASK Chemicals GmbH is built on their ability to provide customers with the solutions to complex issues. ASK Chemicals GmbH accomplishes this by bringing to market an unusually broad and innovative product portfolio, including resins, binders, coatings, additives, feeders, filters and release agents, in addition to providing a high level of response to customer needs and an in-depth knowledge of the customers' production process.

ASK Chemicals GmbH is committed to operating its facilities safely and minimizing the environmental impact of its activities. Environmental protection and safety are an integral part of the company's business policy.

Source: ASK Chemicals

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