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Ashland Launches Dissolution Emulsion Defoamers for WB and Decorative Coatings

Published on 2021-02-05. Edited By : SpecialChem

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paint-brush-ashland-newsAshland introduces Drewplus L-3200 and Drewplus L-3210 foam control agents for paints. These new foam control agents, utilizing emulsion technology, are designed to control trapped micro-foam in water-based industrial coatings and decorative coatings systems.

Enhanced Foam Control with Storage Stability and Long-term Effectiveness

The emulsion technology is based on organically modified polysiloxanes for enhanced foam control and offers near-zero substances of very high concern (SVHC). Both new products exhibit excellent storage stability, long term effectiveness and are economical in use.

Drewplus L-3200 and Drewplus L-3210 are 20 percent active foam control emulsions for use in water-based coatings and overprint varnishes. Easy to incorporate into formulations, these foam control agents are particularly suitable for low viscosity coating systems applied by flow coat, dip, curtain coating or roller and brush.

At elevated dosage levels, Drewplus L-3200 and Drewplus L-3210 foam control agents are suitable for spray applied topcoats (air, hvlp, air mix, airless).

Drewplus L-3200 and Drewplus L-3210 foam control agents are an expansion of the dissolution emulsion technology Drewplus foam control agents and complete the innovative portfolio of the “next generation dissolution” defoamers, that include two other concentrated formulas, Drewplus L-3500 and L-3510.

100% Active Foam Control Agents

Drewplus L-3500 and Drewplus L-3510 are 100% active foam control agents for use in water-based coatings. Drewplus L-3500 is particularly recommended to prevent and control micro foam in both clear and pigmented industrial coatings which are applied by air spray, airless spray, air mix or HVLP.

Controlling application and production foaming can be challenging, especially considering a wide variety of coating application techniques,” said Ludger Kueper, global marketing manager, industrial coatings, Ashland. “Finding the right balance between defoaming activity and compatibility is the key and we were able to deliver a solution with Drewplus L-3200 and Drewplus L-3210 foam control agents, providing the right combination of properties.”

Drewplus L-3510 is recommended especially for clear, non-pigmented industrial coatings.

Source: Ashland
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